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  • Blue Parrot

  • Bookstores ( Takadanobaba )
  • Blue Parrot is a great little used book shop if you're missing some English literature or want to pick up anything from a new guide book to a new DVD. The prices are very reasonable and periodically ...
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  • Takeshita Clinic

  • Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology ( Takadanobaba )
  • The Takeshita Clinic is a general practice clinic that also offers internal medicine and gynecology. Both of the doctors are Japanese, and the gynecologist is female. The main doctor speaks a fair amo...
  • Benten

  • Ramen ( Takadanobaba )
  • Benten is located on a corner location right next to the Kanda River in Takadanobaba. It was always ranked as one of the most popular shops in the area, including still being ranked within the top 10 ...
  • Yataira Takaryu Ramen

  • Ramen ( Takadanobaba )
  • Yataira ramen was a revelation. Most ramen is made to satisfy a craving for fat and salt. The soups are heavy, and a copious amount of fat gives the soup body and substance. On top of that, many ram...
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  • Sapporo Junren

  • Ramen ( Takadanobaba )
  • My roommate lived in Fukuoka for a while and is partial to tonkotsu ramen (pork bone soup, which is famous in Fukuoka and Kyushu; head to Ippudo ramen to give it a try). We often argue when we go out ...
  • Torisoba Sanpoichi

  • Ramen ( Takadanobaba )
  • This is pretty good stuff. Torisoba does an all-chicken ramen with excellent results. My favorite part was the piece of boneless wing (wing i think? Or maybe it was a different part) that was treated ...
  • Lifely

  • Vegetarian & Healthy ( Takadanobaba )
  • Lively offers a vegetarian option right across the street from Takadanobaba station. The business is divided in two; on the one side they run a natural supermarket while the other houses a vegetarian ...
  • Kasoyo

  • Traditional Japanese, Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Japanese Goods ( Takadanobaba )
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  • Jojoen: Takadanobaba

  • Yakiniku ( Takadanobaba )
  • Jyojyo En, a chain which has 43 locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, is famous for its delicious beef, but that taste doesn't come cheap. Lunch starts in the 1,000 yen range, and it's a relaxed r...
  • Ore no Sora

  • Ramen ( Takadanobaba )
  • This wildly popular ramen shop is located next to Takadanobaba Station. There are times when the wait is more than 30 minutes, and on many nights, they've sold completely out of ramen and can only ser...
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  • Nonaca

  • Interior Design & Furniture, Relocation/Concierge Services, Furniture Rental ( Takadanobaba )
  • Nonaca is a Tokyo-based interior design & art firm catering to professionals living and working in Tokyo. They have an extensive range of contemporary artworks by both Japanese and international artis...
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  • Ben's Cafe: Takadanobaba

  • Cafes, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Takadanobaba )
  • Ben's cafe is a long-standing institution in Takadanobaba and a favorite among many foreign residents. The cafe serves British-style breakfasts, turns into a bar at night with several beers on draft, ...
  • Tefuya

  • Bars ( Takadanobaba )
  • Tefuya's charm comes from the owner's hobby; he collects butterflies which are displayed in the bar. Some of the dishes are made with wild plants that the owner collects when looking for butterflies. ...
  • Debito

  • Traditional Japanese ( Takadanobaba )
  • Debito's house specializes in kushiage, which is a Japanese style deep-fried kebab filled , and shochu. Their shochu list features over 100 labels, and their kitchen prides itself in making everything...
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  • BB Cafe

  • Vegetarian & Healthy ( Takadanobaba )
  • As a vegetarian living in Tokyo, I found paradise in BBs cafe. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the food is unbelievably delicious. Better yet, it is very ...
  • Bar SALVAdOR

  • Bars ( Takadanobaba )
  • Good bar for adult in Takada no baba, a famous town for college students. The owner and bartender here used to be a store manager of Bar Argyll in Nishi Shinjuku. Various kinds of malt are available...
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