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  • Maruzen: Marunouchi

  • Bookstores ( Tokyo Station )
  • Maruzen bookstore in Tokyo is really great. When I was living in Japan (from 2004 to 2007) I used to visited every weekend. It has a good selection of books and magazines and it is very confortable be...
  • Junkudo: Ikebukuro

  • Bookstores ( Ikebukuro )
  • I am a huge fan of reading and love going to bookstores. Junkudo is an amazing bookstore (probably even more amazing to those who can read Japanese! hehe). Just going through the aisles is an adventur...
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  • Blue Parrot

  • Bookstores ( Takadanobaba )
  • Blue Parrot is a great little used book shop if you're missing some English literature or want to pick up anything from a new guide book to a new DVD. The prices are very reasonable and periodically ...
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  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Main Store

  • Bookstores ( Shinjuku )
  • There are two Kinokuniya's located in Shinjuku and this location is definitely the one you want to avoid. Everything inside is very well organized and the staff are very helpful, but getting to the f...
  • Aoyama Book Center: Main Store

  • Bookstores ( Shibuya )
  • Very, very disappointed to learn today that Aoyama Book Center has radically downsized their selection of foreign books. I mean, they had a great selection, and whoever was one in charge of it obvious...
  • Sanseido: Jimbocho

  • Bookstores ( Jimbocho )
  • Sanseido is a 7 story bookstore that is more typical of an American bookstore because it has several different types of media. The most pertinent thing to know is that they do have a reasonably large ...
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  • Cafe 246

  • Cafes, Bars, Bookstores ( Akasaka )
  • Yummy chicken tenders and creative choices on the menu. It's always really loud, except at lunch time, of course. They have an outdoor patio area, perfect for evening beers in spring and summer. Th...
  • Tobu Books

  • Bookstores, Manga, Newspapers & Magazines ( Ikebukuro )
  • Tobu Books is located in Ikebukuro Station and is a long alcove of books. The shop’s design makes good use of its space by lining the inside of the shop and the outer wall with items for sale, leavi...
  • Junkudo Shinjuku

  • Bookstores ( Shinjuku )
  • This bookstore has a wide range of English books, but I couldn't help feeling that I was in a library rather than a bookstore. Many of the customers would read the books in the narrow passageways lea...
  • Good Day Books

  • Bookstores ( Ebisu )
  • I called this store to ask simple questions like "Do you have any used paperbacks? How much do they typically run for?" They couldn't answer. The actual conversation went this way: A lady an...
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  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Shinjuku South St...

  • Bookstores ( Yoyogi )
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  • Book 1st

  • Bookstores ( Shibuya )
  • Walking towards Book 1st, it is hard to miss it. Book 1st is a large bookstore that has numerous signs on its front advertising itself. The front sign is in both English and Japanese, but there is onl...
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  • Enderle Bookstore: Yotsuya

  • Bookstores ( Yotsuya )
  • I walked into this bookstore and was very surprised at what I saw. It is a tiny little store, and is full of mainly religious texts, most of which are in English. The bookstore also has several textbo...
  • Nelie's English Books

  • Bookstores ( Ryogoku )
  • Nelie's books is a one-stop store for everything to teach English. They have textbooks, readers, business English books, dictionaries, teaching resources, tests, toys, etc. This is a perfect place for...
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  • Nishiyama Hobby Books

  • Bookstores ( Ginza )
  • Nishiyama stocks foreign language books on aircrafts, railroads, ships, military affairs and others. They specialize in supplying hobby enthusiast with all they could need, and also carry movies and t...
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  • Bookstores ( Ebisu )
  • I bought 17 books related to yoga at a very reasonable price, it was in very good condition, and it was delivered on the date promised. Thank you printsasia
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  • Fiona

  • Bookstores ( Jiyugaoka )
  • A small shop that specializes in children's books, including English teaching materials, juvenile fiction, picture books, science books and more.
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