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  • Nissin World Delicatessen

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Azabu-juban )
  • My favorite place to shop for imported food and wine. Check out their huge selections of veggies and cheeses! Yummy!
  • Meidi-ya: Hiroo

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Hiroo )
  • This was an amazing grocery store. I felt like I had just stepped into Dean and Deluca. They have a lot of American items, and they have a huge selection of things that appealed deeply to my cooking s...
  • Hanamasa: Akihabara

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Akihabara )
  • The yellow sign and bright lights of this 24hour supermarket drew me like a little bee to a brightly coloured flower and was the nectar sweet! Its really quite a find staying in Tokyo where smaller sh...
  • Kinokuniya International

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • They have dark rye-bread, carelian pies and sourdough bread, licorice = heaven. Need I say more? ... so everytime if I get the cravings, its off to Kinokuya!
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  • Dean and Deluca: Shinagawa

  • Cafes, Groceries/Supermarkets ( Shinagawa )
  • Dean and Deluca is an American chain of up-scale grocery stores first established in New York. Dean and Deluca is a beautifully presented coffee shop and grocery where it's even fun just to 'window-sh...
  • Precce

  • Groceries/Supermarkets, Cheese, Liquor ( Roppongi )
  • A very nice supermarket and I would have given it a 5 but they do not have English labels (like they do at Nissen). It does, however, offer an abundance of delicious, gourmet foods
  • National Azabu Supermarket: Hiroo

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Hiroo )
  • sorry, it closed down end of October 2011 sorry, it closed down end of October 2011 sorry, it closed down end of October 2011
  • Queen's Isetan

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Chiba, Narita )
  • Queen's Isetan has stores in Shinagawa, Shirogane Takanawa, and many other locations in Tokyo, not just in Ichikawa. Look for the specials and sales! The bakery and deli sections are better than most ...
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  • Apna Bazar Indian Grocery Store

  • Groceries/Supermarkets, Shopping-Others ( Tokyo )
  • Good range of Indian Products for Vegetarian and Muslim people, most products are Halal certified!! Friendly staff, environment and high quality spices, curries, snacks, sweets, rice, beans, tea and o...
  • Shinanoya: Shinjuku

  • Liquor, Groceries/Supermarkets ( Shinjuku )
  • I can’t think of another liquor store in Tokyo that beats Shinanoya in their selection of spirits. I can’t even think of another store I’ve visited before anywhere else that matches the range of...
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  • Costco: Iruma

  • Groceries/Supermarkets, Interior Design & Furniture ( Others )
  • Fun place as always and made even more dangerously fun because the Mitsui Outlet Park is right next door. Great place for families to hang out, although I don't think the outlet would be very fun for ...
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  • Costco: Makuhari

  • Groceries/Supermarkets, Interior Design & Furniture ( Chiba, Narita )
  • ? 1 Hour Photo / Digital Prints ? ATM ? Bakery ? BBQ Deli ? Beer & Wine ? Business Products ? Delivery ? Food Court ? Fresh Deli ? Fresh Fish ? Fresh Meat ? Fresh Produce ? Fresh Sushi...
  • Kaldi Coffee Farm

  • Groceries/Supermarkets, Coffee, Liquor ( Kichijoji )
  • Kaldi has a great selection of spices that are suprisingly reasonably priced. The yummy free coffee as you enter the store is a plus too.
  • Daimaru Peacock

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Ebisu )
  • Unlike the other Daimaru department stores, this Daimaru is fairly small. It actually extends way into the back courtyard, so make sure you don't miss it when you walk past. Actually, the back court...
  • Equal

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Koenji )
  • This place is a mom-and-pop shop with fruits, veggies, meats, and Japanese foods, drinks, and snacks. It contains everything you’d need to stock your kitchen, Japanese style, and at much better pric...
  • Hanamasa: Minami Azabu

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Shirokane )
  • one-story grocery shop, but streches a little length. Outside they have fruits and vegetables stacked high. i accessed this place through the JR Yamanote Line Tamachi Station East Exit. Before the ...
  • Tokyu Store: Jiyugaoka

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Jiyugaoka )
  • These supermarkets are located all over Tokyo and the Tokyo area. I love them because they are always decently sized and have a great variety as well as great sales. They have a daily special of one f...
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  • Mundo Latino

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Gotanda )
  • Mundo Latino is a supermarket that specializes in Latin American products. Located in Gotanda, which is where Brazil and Peru keep their consulates, you are likely to find quite a few Latino customers...
  • Speak English English menu Picture menu

  • Groceries/Supermarkets, Shopping-Others ( Kinshicho )
  • Home delivery, online shopping, English speaking staff, product explanation in English. Mix products from USA, Europe and Asian countries, that is what attract me most. You don't have to travel and sh...
  • Hanamasa: Yotsuya

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Yotsuya )
  • This store, located across the street from Sophia University, is a combination of a grocery store and a wholesale food store. They offer a large selection, and large quantities of meats, seafood, incl...
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