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  • Tokyo Disney Land

  • Amusement Parks ( Kinshicho )
  • I’ve never been to any Disneyland bar this one so I have nothing to compare it to. But for me it’s a definite must-see for anyone visiting Tokyo. The rides are fun, especially for people with yo...
  • Kidzania

  • Amusement Parks ( Tsukiji )
  • Who: Myself, 10 year old son, his friend When: Wednesday, their school holiday. NOT national holiday Wear: If you can avoid dragging a jacket around leave it behind. You are indoors entire time.If y...
  • Denryoku-kan

  • Amusement Parks ( Shibuya )
  • Denryokakan is a hand on, interactive electricity museum that really has something for everyone. From when you walk in, you wouldn’t think that this is the electricity museum, but when the informati...
  • Tokyo Dome City

  • Amusement Parks, Entertainment-Others, Sports Arenas ( Iidabashi )
  • Tokyo Dome is home to a baseball stadium and its glitzy entourage of shops, eateries, arcades, and sights catering to baseball lovers and non-lovers alike. Tokyo Dome aims to emulate the American fair...
  • Fuji-Q Highland

  • Amusement Parks ( Hachioji )
  • Fujikyu Highland has some of the scariest rides in Japan. The most popular is Fujiyama, a roller coaster that drops from 79 meters high and reaches 130 km/h. Do-Dom-Pa is also a popular free fall attr...
  • Namja Town

  • Amusement Parks ( Ikebukuro )
  • This place is fun, there's no doubt about it. But, it can be challenging if you don't speak Japanese because there are basically no concessions made for the gaijin audience. I came looking for the g...
  • Tokyo Disney Sea

  • Amusement Parks ( Kinshicho )
  • Tokyo Disney Sea is part of the Tokyo Disney Resort. The park is divided into seven ports of call, and all the attractions follow the theme of the sea. The aqua show is particularly famous, as well as...
  • LaQua Amusement Park

  • Amusement Parks ( Iidabashi )
  • Tokyo Dome City Attractions is located right next to the Tokyo Dome. There is no entrance fee, but you have to buy individual tickets for each ride. The attractions include the world's first ferris w...
  • Joypolis

  • Amusement Parks ( Odaiba )
  • Located in Odaiba, Joypolice is the largest indoor amusement park in Japan. They have over 20 attractions that use cutting edge technologies and an exciting arcade game corner. Because the park is ind...
  • Yomiuri Land

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Kichijoji )
  • An amusement park in western Tokyo with lots of attractions combined with green areas. The most popular ride is Bandit, a roller coaster that cuts through the forest at 110 km/h. The water park will b...
  • Toshimaen

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Koenji )
  • A theme park in western Tokyo with more than 30 different attractions ranging from extremely thrilling roller coasters to kiddie rides. A water park opens in the summer, featuring six different swimmi...
  • Tokyo Summer Land

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Hachioji )
  • At Tokyo Summerland you can experience the warmth of summer whenever you want regardless of the season. The indoor swimming pool receives plenty of sunshine and is surrounded by green trees year round...
  • Seibuen Yuenchi

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Others )
  • Seibuen Yuenchi has over 20 attractions, including some excellent roller coasters, arranged in a spacious tree-filled park. A water park opens in the summer; winter activities include outdoor ice skat...
  • Akasaka Kids-Teens Hall Nandemo

  • Amusement Parks ( Tameikesanno )
  • Plaza Akasaka Nandemo is a recreational facility for infants and children under 18 years of age and for their parents or guardians. Join the handicraft classes or play some table tennis or basketball ...
  • Tobu Zoo Park

  • Zoos, Amusement Parks ( Others )
  • Tobu Zoo Park combines a zoo with an amusement park in an effort to offer something for everyone. People flock to see the white tigers and penguins, and other attractions include a petting zoo and a s...
  • Water Science Museum

  • Amusement Parks ( Odaiba )
  • The Water Science Museum has lots of interactive features where kids and grownups alike can learn hands-on about the properties of water. The basement has the water distribution pipes in full view and...
  • Kodomo no Shiro

  • Amusement Parks ( Shibuya )
  • The National Children's Castle aims to provide a place where children can develop their full potential. To that end, their facilities include a play hall, a fine arts studio, a music area, a video lib...
  • Sanrio Puroland

  • Amusement Parks ( Tachikawa )
  • Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park where children can meet their favorite Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll and My Melody. Rides, full-scale musicals, and other attractions welcome ...
  • Nekobukuro Cat's House

  • One Day Experience, Amusement Parks ( Ikebukuro )
  • Nekobukuro is a mini theme park where 20 cats roam freely so you can play with them. The walls are fitted out with shelves and boxes and the cats jump in and out of them.
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