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  • Edogawa Pool Garden

  • Water Parks & Pools ( Kinshicho )
  • For the price, Edogawa Pool Garden is fairly good value. When you arrive go straight to the ticket booths on the right and choose the button on the uppermost left. It costs 500yen and covers your en...
  • Yomiuri Land

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Kichijoji )
  • An amusement park in western Tokyo with lots of attractions combined with green areas. The most popular ride is Bandit, a roller coaster that cuts through the forest at 110 km/h. The water park will b...
  • Toshimaen

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Koenji )
  • A theme park in western Tokyo with more than 30 different attractions ranging from extremely thrilling roller coasters to kiddie rides. A water park opens in the summer, featuring six different swimmi...
  • Tokyo Summer Land

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Hachioji )
  • At Tokyo Summerland you can experience the warmth of summer whenever you want regardless of the season. The indoor swimming pool receives plenty of sunshine and is surrounded by green trees year round...
  • Aquatic Park Kawagoe

  • Water Parks & Pools ( Tachikawa )
  • The Aquatic Park Kawagoe is operated by the city of Kawagoe and features great variety of slides, a pool with waves of up to two meters (only at certain times of the day), a toddler's pool and more. T...
  • Seibuen Yuenchi

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Others )
  • Seibuen Yuenchi has over 20 attractions, including some excellent roller coasters, arranged in a spacious tree-filled park. A water park opens in the summer; winter activities include outdoor ice skat...
  • Inage Kaihin Park Pool

  • Water Parks & Pools ( Chiba, Narita )
  • Operated by the city of Chiba, the Inage Kaihin Park opens a water park every summer to delight adults and children alike. Thirteen pools, including waves, race courses and water slides. To get there,...
  • Showa Kinen Park

  • Parks & Nature, Water Parks & Pools ( Tachikawa )
  • This large park has a playground for children called "Children's Forest," as well as cycling paths, barbecue areas, green adventures, etc. During summer season, they open the Rainbow pool, which f...
  • Pool Garden ANA Intercontinental Hotel

  • Water Parks & Pools ( Tameikesanno )
  • The ANA Intercontinental Hotel opens its garden pool to visitors during the summer season. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the heart of Roppongi. They offer season passes and ticket coupons if you plan...
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  • Prince Park Tower Spa

  • Fitness Clubs, Spas, Onsen, Water Parks & Pools ( Hamamatsucho )
  • It is a lovely onsen found in Tokyo. I really enjoyed it and it was not too expensive. Everyone who worked there was really nice.
  • Kyodo no Mori Sougou Pool

  • Water Parks & Pools ( Tachikawa )
  • Operated by the city of Chofu, this public pool makes the experience accessible and fun. Four pools, one of which has a water current and a toddler's pool. During summer 2010, they will be open from J...
  • Tokyo Prince Hotel Swimming Pool

  • Water Parks & Pools ( Hamamatsucho )
  • The Prince Hotel opens its pool to day visitors and lets you enjoy a day of fun with a view of Tokyo tower. Season passes available. During summer 2010, the pool will be open until September 5.
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