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  • Popeye

  • Bars, Beer Bars ( Ryogoku )
  • Great beer bar! People are friendly and love the downtown environment. After sumo tournament, I stop by at Popeye if I am not in mood for chance-nabe.
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  • Cafe Hoegaarden

  • Beer Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • Located about a ten minute walk away from Shinjuku, cafe Hoegaarden features a interesting tour of some excellent Belgian brews together with a few German, Dutch and Japanese beers. The quality of the...
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  • Alps

  • Izakaya, Teppanyaki / Hibachi, Yakiniku, Beer Bars ( Okubo )
  • Alps is amazing. It's hard to find, but look for the Hotel Listo (with a water fountain) in Kabukicho, past the pretty hosts trying to lure in O.L's, and it's around back and across the street. If you...
  • Belgo

  • Beer Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Belgo is a European beer bar that has an extensive collection of beers. Although they only have 4 different beers on draft, they have an enormous selection of European beers in bottle form. The interi...
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  • Cat and Cask

  • Beer Bars ( Ikebukuro )
  • So after being led here by my iphone app. for Japanese craft beer bars in Japan I was very happily surprised to be led here. This bar isn't just a bar, but someone's home. The inside is a warm remin...
  • Vivo

  • Beer Bars, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Ikebukuro )
  • Vivo stands out by far as the nicest bar I've been to in Ikebukuro. They wouldn't be out of place in Omotesando, Roppongi or some other area with more glitz. The specialty is beer -- There's usuall...
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  • Kirin City: Yokohama

  • Beer Bars ( Yokohama )
  • This bar is owned by Kirin, and thus serves only Kirin brews. Fortunately, they have multiple Kirin beers on tap. This includes a stout, a lager, a German-style beer, and the classic. The beer is well...
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  • DevilCraft

  • Beer Bars, Pizza ( Nihombashi )
  • A craft beer bar in Tokyo with 15 taps of rotating craft beers. They make California and Chicago deep dish pizza, as well as chicken wings with homemade blue cheese and ranch dressing.
  • Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Central: Tokyo

  • Beer Bars ( Tokyo Station )
  • This place is known for Belgium Beer. As a beer fan, I had a high expectation. However, this place was not much special compared to any other bars. The food and the over-priced beer was very average....
  • Cerveza

  • Beer Bars ( Roppongi )
  • Cerveza, located conveniently close to Roppongi's main intersection, is well known for its wide range of beers imported from 36 countries: Germany, Belgium, or South Africa. This is a must see if you ...
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  • August Beer Club

  • Pizza, Italian, Beer Bars ( Hiroo )
  • The August Beer Club offers few but carefully selected beers on tap. They always have a house-Pilsner, and on top of that they rotate between different styles of beer and feature various Japanese micr...
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  • Beer Station Ebisu

  • Beer Bars ( Ebisu )
  • In the same location as the Ebisu Garden Plaza, this is a good place to stop after the Beer Museum tour. It is used by all groups large and small and offers an all you can drink and party course for ...
  • Towncryer : Kamiyacyo

  • British pubs / Irish pubs, Beer Bars ( Tameikesanno )
  • Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness
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  • Three Lions Pub ====CLOSED====

  • British pubs / Irish pubs, Sports Bars, Beer Bars ( Yokohama )
  • Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness Out of Buisness
  • Delirium Cafe: Akasaka Sacas

  • Beer Bars ( Akasaka )
  • Delirium specializes in Belgian beers, with plenty of stuff imported straight from the producers in Europe. Over 40 brews on tap and more than 70 by the bottle. The food takes a tour of the classics o...
  • Brussels Kanda

  • Beer Bars, Bars ( Jimbocho )
  • Since its inception in 1986, Brussels Kanda, the flagship store of Brussels, has been popular for its encyclopedic selection of Belgian beers. Brussels Kanda has a bar counter on the first floor, a st...
  • Frigo

  • Beer Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • A European-style pub located conveniently close to Shinjuku Station. Frigo is famous for a wide range of Belgian beers, and in particularly its large refrigerator housing bottled beer. Pick your favo...
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  • Brussels Harajuku

  • Beer Bars, Bars ( Harajuku )
  • Specialized in Belgian beer restaurant & bar, located on a back street of Harajuku. This restaurant & bar has both tables and a bar counter. Available 100 kinds of beer as well as Belgian cuisine. ...
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