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Feria Tokyo ( Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Roppongi )

Feria Tokyo / Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Tokyo

  • A club space for international partiers, Feria features five floors each housing a unique space, offering the best of Tokyo nightlife.

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  • AiiRO Cafe (ex.Advocates Cafe)

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Cafes ( Shinjuku )
  • My favorite place in Shinjuku Nichome. The largest gay town in Japan where I like to visit when I'm in Tokyo. Staffs are friendly so I can visit even when I'm alone in the town. After renovation, they...
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  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Entertainment ( Tokyo )
  • I was able to find a Tokyo nightclub in this site. For the first time to come to Tokyo, I enjoyed very. It is a very useful site that has posted a discount coupon.
  • oaksudadatokyo

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Bars, Rental Space ( Roppongi )
  • place to be around tokyo, Good music and safe also many foreigner and is very comfortable. really great DJ i like the music they always playing.
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  • Aisotope Lounge

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • My favorite place for enjoy dancing and meeting friends. When I visit Tokyo, I always stop by. They hold all different kinds of parties, so it is important to check before you enter. There is a sign i...
  • Club Harlem

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shibuya )
  • I also have been. It is a very happy place. Music is good. My friend also goes well. The foreigner is a lot and is comfortable.
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  • Club Dragon: Shinjuku

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shinjuku )
  • Nice space and good drink specials. Easy to find from Shinjuku sanchome station. I had fun there last week.
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  • Velours

  • Cocktail Lounges, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Velours is completely dependent on the event. Good space in there with an unusual layout and some classy furniture. However slightly overpriced drinks, and attracts want to be yuppy types to the bar. ...
  • Arty Farty

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shinjuku )
  • I 've been going to Arty for years! It is among my favorites. It does get crowded but it is managable and fun. They are open late and the staff are very cute and friendly.
  • The First Bar

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • The best parties I got were in The First Bar. This place is for me the Best Bar in Tokyo because the atmosphere is really great!! Every time I go there I know that I will have a good time, make new fr...
  • Muse

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Bars ( Hiroo )
  • Pretty decent club. Seemed to be plenty of girls there and easy to talk to. Had a jacket stolen here though, best to put your stuff in the lockers outside if you'll be dancing. The club itself was p...
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  • El Cafe Latino

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • DON'T GO HERE! I was joke dancing with a friend of mine of the same gender near the bar when a member of staff started screaming at me that I was too close to the bar. I apologised and moved to the d...
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  • Club Camelot: Shibuya

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shibuya )
  • I went there this past sunday and it was packed also. some good selection of music and nice DJs. They play Hip hop, techno, House, and Japanese Jpops. The people are friendly.
  • alife

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • I believe that Alife is the 3rd largest club in Tokyo, after Ageha and Womb. This club features 3 floors: an upstairs with an uber secret VIP room for the owners and their friends with punch perms; th...
  • Womb

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shibuya )
  • The sound on the main floor is great and I think this is what sets this club apart from the rest. Well mixed, and perfect for partying. The DJs were alright. Seemed hit or missed. Fine to dance to fo...
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  • Air

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Daikanyama )
  • A great little hole-in-the-wall if you're looking to dance and meet some good "vibing" people. Definitely some good house music and solid progression. It'll keep you up all night.
  • Salsa Sudada

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • Music is quite good. You can also sit down at the tables next to the dance floor, and watch people dance, although sometimes I wish more people would get up and dance when I am there. The dance flo...
  • Le Baron de Paris

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • On Saturday when I went to Le Baron, there was a fashion night weekend in Tokyo and the club was fully packed with seemingly fashion oriented people. I couldn't get bored by watching the crowd and Tok...
  • Salsa Copacabana

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • Me and my boy came down to Roppongi to have some fun and found this gem while wandering the streets. We liked it so much we stopped by on a Friday, Saturday AND Sunday night! The staff and people we ...
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  • New Lex

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
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