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Zipangu ( Traditional Japanese, Cocktail Lounges, Sushi, Tempura, Teppanyaki / Hibachi, Chinese, Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Wine Bars / Akasaka )

Zipangu / Traditional Japanese / Tokyo
  • Zipangu is stylish restaurant that belongs to Nadaman, one of the most revered traditional Japanese restaurants in the country. Their approach is to combine Western influences with Nadaman's cuisine to create contemporary Japanese food that pairs with wine.
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  • Blue Note Tokyo

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • I got to see the Duke Ellington Orchestra perform here and wow was it a treat. A draw back though is that Japanese folk do not seem to get too into the Jazz spirit, cheering for great solos, random ...
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  • What the Dickens!

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Ebisu )
  • I went to What The Dickens 3 times and it was always very fun. The bands (and sometimes also a theatre play) were very good every time I was there, there is a good choice of foreign beers/drinks (not ...
  • Bar Jam

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Cocktail Lounges, Bars ( Ebisu )
  • This swanky little jazz bar was not particularly crowded, but offered different aesthetics than other bars. The low blue light hang throughout the narrow club and either sat in poofs or at the bar. Th...
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  • Vagabond

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • I was enjoying myself until I got the bill. The added a 500 yen "table" charge to the bill. I was unaware of the charge until the end. The place is not of a high enough quality to warran...
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  • Cafe Studio

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Izakaya ( Harajuku )
  • After a long haul of shopping my friends and I went to this cafe (which is more like a restaurant during the daytime). We all decided to get burgers and they were all amazing. The beef is of good qual...
  • Vivo

  • Beer Bars, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Ikebukuro )
  • Vivo stands out by far as the nicest bar I've been to in Ikebukuro. They wouldn't be out of place in Omotesando, Roppongi or some other area with more glitz. The specialty is beer -- There's usuall...
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  • Billboard Live

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Asian Fusion ( Roppongi )
  • Went to go see En Vogue last night perform live at Billboard in Midtown. En Vogue has sold over 20 million albums and singles worldwide. They have won more MTV Video Music Awards than any other femal...
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  • My Humble House

  • Asian Fusion, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Ginza )
  • When my friend suggested going to "My Humble House" I thought we'd be in for pizza on the floor at her place. How wrong I was! My Humble House is in fact a large, designer's style restaurant...
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  • Dubliners' Irish Pub : Shinjuku

  • British pubs / Irish pubs, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • Nice pub in the middle of Shinjuku. Very relaxed environment consisting mainly of expats enjoying some beer and whiskey.
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  • Dubliners' Irish Pub : Akasaka

  • British pubs / Irish pubs, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Tameikesanno )
  • Try the fish and chips, the chicken and chips or (if you're so inclined) the breakfast. Be warned, however, that on a recent visit it seemed that they quality of the chicken had plummeted; where once...
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  • Dubliners' Irish Pub : Shibuya

  • British pubs / Irish pubs, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Shibuya )
  • While its nothing special in the way of bars I have enjoyed this place on a few occasions as a stepping point before heading out to meet friends at clubs or other places downtown. Also nice at the ear...
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  • Cotton Club

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Tokyo Station )
  • Opened in November of 2005, this Cotton Club is based on the New York original that drew celebrities and large numbers of other big stars in the 1920s. A full French menu, soul and R&B music, and a c...
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  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Entertainment ( Machida )
  • A large club of one building was born in front of Machida station! It started in April 2017 only for high school students, and GRAND OPEN on June 9! Luxury club with jellyfish motif is capacity 1,50...
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  • Ruby Room

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Bars, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Cavern Club: Roppongi

  • Bars, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Roppongi )
  • The Cavern Club is Tokyo's live venue for Beatles imitators. This is the place to come and listen to incredibly well rehearsed beatles performances. A 10% service charge applies on top of the admissio...
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  • Body & Soul

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • The owner is one of the first people to open a live jazz bar in Japan. Inside there are table seats at point-blank range to the musician’s stage, and if you are lucky enough to sit in one of those ...
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  • New York Bar

  • Cocktail Lounges, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • <strong><a href="">pennor</a></strong><br> <strong><a href="">Mont Blanc pennor&...
  • J-Pop Cafe: Shibuya

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Izakaya, Beer Gardens ( Shibuya )
  • The J-Pop cafe is divided into three areas: one is a live concert hall where various bands take the stage, the second is the atrium cafe where you can take some drinks and food, while the third is a V...
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  • Bauhaus

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Roppongi )
  • Bauhaus has been popular with Japanese and foreigners since its opening in 1981. Staff at the bar have been playing together for over 20 years, specializing in 70s and 80s rock. Sessions after 11pm t...
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