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  • Hibiya Matsumotoro

  • Curry, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Tokyo Station )
  • Hibiya park is something of an earthly paradise. There's a saying in Japan, “green is the medicine of the eyes,” and walking into the park is a renewing experience. In the middle of the park, ther...
  • Kiji

  • Okonomiyaki, Monja ( Tokyo Station )
  • Kiji is a famous Okonomi-yaki restaurant based in Osaka, and this was its first venture into Tokyo, established in 1970. There's always a long line outside but a relatively quick turnover rate.
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  • Toraji Chun-Ha-Chu-Dong

  • Yakiniku ( Tokyo Station )
  • Anyone going for yakiniku in the Marubiru is expecting the best of the best. In quality, quantity, and atmosphere, there can be no compromise. That having been said, I can say with absolute integrity ...
  • Au Gout du Jour Nouvelle Ere

  • French, Michelin ( Tokyo Station )
  • The food is French-inspired at Nouvelle Ere, but the thinking is global, and many interesting combinations, some of which were a first for me, appeared on the plate. And lots of foams. The most memo...
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  • Charcoal

  • Yakiniku ( Nihombashi )
  • most yakiniku resutaurant is lively atmosphere, so which makes it not good place for a date. however, Charcoal is a perfect place not only for a group, but also a date. because the interior is stylish...
  • Nodaiwa

  • Unagi ( Nihombashi )
  • Nodaiwa is part of a Hotel restaurant located on the fourth floor of a department building. Once you find it, you are welcomed to a large room with an elegant waiting area and many tables. The server ...
  • The Hump: Tokyo

  • Sushi ( Tokyo Station )
  • If you want a slightly funky, unconventional, high-end sushi experience, why not head over to the hump in the Marunouchi area. You'll enjoy the view, atmosphere, and the food for a moderate price. ...
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  • Saboten: Tokyo

  • Tonkatsu ( Tokyo Station )
  • Saboten is a very typical, standard tonkatsu chain. Their price and quality is in line with Wako, another tonkatsu chain. And like Wako, they also serve their tonkatsu with sesame, which you grind to ...
  • Restaurant Toyo

  • Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Nihombashi )
  • Close to the Nihonbashi station, Toyo is an excellent restaurant with a wide selection of food. The atmosphere was vibrant because it is a wide open restaurant that is quite crowded. At lunch time I w...
  • Kiraku

  • Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Nihombashi )
  • Kirkutei serves simple, delicious plates of rice, cabbage, macaroni salad (it's actually a good combination), and your choice of pork or beef katsu. The server was one of the nicest I've had in Tokyo ...
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  • Numazu Uogashi Sushi:Marubiru

  • Sushi ( Tokyo Station )
  • I usually come to Uogashi Sushi with my boss at lunchtime. It's an inexpensive but tasty sushi restaurant with a good atmosphere. I usually order the 1000 yen lunch, which comes with salad (which ...
  • Yamamotoyama: Nihombashi

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes ( Nihombashi )
  • Yamamotoyama is a tea institution in Tokyo, selling tea for "over 317 years," according to a poorly-written English flyer. It functions as a tea retail store and tea cafe. A long glass count...
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  • Kyodori Sankei: Tokyo

  • Yakitori ( Tokyo Station )
  • This is another one of those places in the office buildings of the Marunouchi area. At lunch times, it's filled with suited workers catching a quick, satisfying, filling lunch. At dinner times, there ...
  • Benihana

  • Teppanyaki / Hibachi ( Nihombashi )
  • I visited Benihana at their Tachikawa location and it was quite a big disappointment. There is no teppanyaki-ing at your table. The food is just brought to you on a hot plate kind of like at Furans...
  • Tokyo Genki Sushi: Yaesu-chika-gai

  • Conveyor Belt Sushi ( Tokyo Station )
  • Tokyo Genki is very well decorated and stylish for a conveyor sushi restaurant. The mostly female staff are known for their hospitality, sometimes hard to find at sushi restaurants. Plates are color-c...
  • Eiichi

  • Yakitori ( Tokyo Station )
  • Famous for their yakitori, Eiichi is located near the Tokyo station. At lunch time, this deceptively big restaurant only serves yakitori-donburi and oyakudon. The lunch menu is very reasonably priced,...
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  • Sembikiya: Kyobashi

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Desserts ( Nihombashi )
  • This place is great to visit just for photos and laughs, cause they have the square watermelon, the black watermelon, the triangular watermelon, and the, i believe it was the 300 kg watermelon. whatev...
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  • Imahan

  • Steak, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Nihombashi )
  • Imahan specializes in preparing gyunabe, which is a beef hot pot made with the best imahan wagyu beef.
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  • Norabow

  • Udon, Traditional Japanese ( Tokyo Station )
  • Sanuki-style udon in the Otemachi area.
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