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  • Norabow

  • Udon, Traditional Japanese ( Tokyo Station )
  • I love Norabow! There are locations all around Tokyo and they are all pretty good. My favorite is the tori-ten oroshi udon. Cold, thick noodles covered with a large helping of grated radish, ging...
  • Hamada-ya

  • Traditional Japanese, Michelin ( Nihombashi )
  • The Tokyo Michelin Guide 2009 awarded Hamadaya three stars, recognizing it as one of the absolute best in the world. Dating back to 1912, Hamadaya serves traditional Japanese food in a Sukiya-style bu...
  • Yanmo: Marunouchi

  • Traditional Japanese, Izakaya ( Tokyo Station )
  • Yanmo is famous for traditional grilled fish and rice. The most popular items, grilled salmon and salted mackerel, run between 1,000 and 1,400yen. If you're feeling greedy, you can always order a yoku...
  • Tagayama

  • Traditional Japanese ( Nihombashi )
  • This hard to find restaurant is part izakaya, part kappo cuisine (traditional multi-course dinner). A small counter seats six people on the first floor, and the second floor is tatami seating. Most Ja...
  • Aji Ichii

  • Traditional Japanese, Vegetarian & Healthy ( Tokyo Station )
  • Aji Ichii serves luxurious seasonal Japanese cuisine, mixing modern and traditional styles. Well used to non-Japanese diners, there is both traditional tatami and western seating available and a vege...
  • Nihonbashi Okotako Honten

  • Traditional Japanese, Izakaya ( Nihombashi )
  • Since its opening in 1924, Okotako Honten has been popular for its oden, soaked in Kanto-style soy based broth. The simplest and most popular lunch is tou-meshi - tofu soaked in oden broth and served ...
  • Sakuragawa

  • Traditional Japanese, Michelin ( Nihombashi )
  • The Tokyo Michelin guide 2009 awarded Sakura-gawa one star, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. Named after the chef's hometown, the restaurant offers a western-style dinning ro...
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  • Motsufuku: Maru Bldg

  • Traditional Japanese ( Tokyo Station )
  • Motsufuku specializes in serving entrails prepared in hot pots or broiled. For the not-so-adventurous, there's plenty of other choice, such as salads, fish, tofu and Japanese snacks. This is a traditi...
  • Aoyuzu Tora

  • Traditional Japanese, Izakaya ( Tokyo Station )
  • Although this izakaya is famous for sashimi, you can try turtle dishes as well. A turtle dinner set for three people costs 18,000yen. If you want sashimi, "funamori" is a good choice. It's a tradition...
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  • Kappou Shimamura

  • Traditional Japanese ( Nihombashi )
  • Shimamura has been in business for over 160 years, and various Prime Ministers, such as Hirofumi Ito, have patronized the restaurant. They specialize in kaiseki cuisine, which is Japanese haute cuisin...
  • Takenoko

  • Traditional Japanese ( Nihombashi )

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Motsufuku: Maru Bldg
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