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  • Luxor: Marunouchi

  • Italian ( Tokyo Station )
  • Over the years I have been to Luxor in Marunouchi and Shirokane several times both for lunch and dinner. The food is always very nicely prepared and the menu quite interesting. On the latest visit to ...
  • Au Gout du Jour Nouvelle Ere

  • French, Michelin ( Tokyo Station )
  • The food is French-inspired at Nouvelle Ere, but the thinking is global, and many interesting combinations, some of which were a first for me, appeared on the plate. And lots of foams. The most memo...
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  • En:Marunouchi

  • Izakaya ( Tokyo Station )
  • Located in the shiny new Oazo building, right in front of Tokyo Station, En Marunouchi is popular with Marunouchi office workers. You can enjoy a beautiful view of Tokyo station at night from the 5th ...
  • Aji Ichii

  • Traditional Japanese, Vegetarian & Healthy ( Tokyo Station )
  • Aji Ichii serves luxurious seasonal Japanese cuisine, mixing modern and traditional styles. Well used to non-Japanese diners, there is both traditional tatami and western seating available and a vege...
  • Nihonbashi Okotako Honten

  • Traditional Japanese, Izakaya ( Nihombashi )
  • Since its opening in 1924, Okotako Honten has been popular for its oden, soaked in Kanto-style soy based broth. The simplest and most popular lunch is tou-meshi - tofu soaked in oden broth and served ...
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  • Kaikoya:Marunouchi

  • Izakaya ( Tokyo Station )
  • Kakoiya is modeled after an early traditional Showa era (1920s-50s) house. The restaurant offers counters, tables for couples, and 15 private rooms, available for anywhere between 4 and 30 diners. Cov...
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  • Sakura:Otemachi

  • Izakaya ( Tokyo Station )
  • Sakura is a bit upscale from izakaya mainstays like Watami or Tengu. People come for the Japanese atmosphere and traditional wood decor. It's a great place to hold a Japanese style party - there are p...
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  • Tensyanfeiway:Nihonbashi

  • Chinese ( Nihombashi )
  • Tensyanfeiway Nihonbashi Honten serves Chinese style hot pot. Since the broth is flavored with sixty different herbs and spices, there's no need for dipping sauces as in Japanese shabu shabu or sukiya...
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  • Numazu Uogashi Sushi:Otemachi

  • Sushi ( Tokyo Station )
  • Uogashi Sushi is headquartered in Numazu, Shizuoka, famous for its fresh fish market. The Otemachi store has a lively atmosphere. Sushi is delivered fresh from Numazu everyday. Lunch is available for...
  • Aoyuzu Tora

  • Traditional Japanese, Izakaya ( Tokyo Station )
  • Although this izakaya is famous for sashimi, you can try turtle dishes as well. A turtle dinner set for three people costs 18,000yen. If you want sashimi, "funamori" is a good choice. It's a tradition...
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  • Himalayan Moon Cafe

  • Indian & South Asian ( Nihombashi )
  • Only one and first time in Japan over 70 different kinds of Nepalese & Indian items for your dinners and party ! We confident that your dining experience at Himalayan Moon Cafe will ...
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  • Siam Orchid

  • Thai ( Tokyo Station )
  • The chef has experience working in a Thail hotel (most of the staff are Thai as well) and serves authentic tom yum, pad Thai, and tam mak houng. For an additional 100yen you can super-size your entree...
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  • Mexican & Esnique LATINO

  • Mexican, Curry ( Nihombashi )
  • Curry Bar & Mexican Latino serves Mexican style curry during lunch time, but completely reinvents itself at dinner, becoming a Mexican restaurant and bar at dinner. The bar features a large screen TV,...
  • Toridori: Tokyo

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Tokyo Station )
  • Toridori is a famous Izakaya chain that specializes in yakitori. Their skewers are grilled on Bincho, which is a high quality charcoal. Tofu and other vegetable dishes complete a healthy menu, togethe...
  • Hanamon

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Tokyo Station )
  • Hanamon is popular for high quality shabu shabu beef. The beef is raised in Japan and can be eaten raw if desired. Hanamon also sells Kyushu shochu to enjoy with your beef. Hanamon is on Chika Meitan ...
  • Seikoen: Tokyo

  • Chinese ( Tokyo Station )
  • Seikoen is a Chinese restaurant that specializes in all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink packages. For approx. 4,000 yen you can eat and drink as much as you want for two hours.
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  • Doma Doma

  • Izakaya ( Nihombashi )
  • Nihonbashi branch of the Doma doma izakaya chain, featuring inexpensive izakaya food with a long drinklist.

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