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RYO Dental Clinic ( Dentists / Nihombashi )

RYO Dental Clinic / Dentists / Tokyo
  • RYO DENTAL CLINIC, Dentists in Tokyo ready to help you in the comfort of your own language, whether it be English, French or Spanish. We have years of experience treating foreign patients in Tokyo, and are trained in the latest dental techniques. Our clinic is located near Ebisu in the heart of Tokyo.

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  • DevilCraft

  • Beer Bars, Pizza ( Nihombashi )
  • Love, love love to DevilCraft. A great taplist, with beers that I haven't gotten to try anywhere else, and the pizza is out of this world! They even have two options for vegetarians, which is more tha...
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  • Cotton Club

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Tokyo Station )
  • We went here to see a Jefferson Starship perform. The service is really good, the waiters are always ready to take orders, but they move around in such a way that our view of the show was never block...
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  • Salt

  • Australian ( Tokyo Station )
  • Not as good as I expected:-( very little atmosphere and the food was average. Not sure what makes it Australian cuisine??
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  • Luxor: Marunouchi

  • Italian ( Tokyo Station )
  • Over the years I have been to Luxor in Marunouchi and Shirokane several times both for lunch and dinner. The food is always very nicely prepared and the menu quite interesting. On the latest visit to ...
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  • Hiro Primo

  • Italian ( Tokyo Station )
  • Hiro Primo is a prominent feature of Kitchen Street, a modern, upscale dining complex built to service the crowds of businesspeople from nearby Marunouchi. There's usually a line at lunch, but I only ...
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  • Mitsukoshi: Nihombashi

  • Department Stores ( Nihombashi )
  • This is the place to go for high quality goods. It is Mitsukoshi's main headquarters. They have a great selection of clothing, Kitchenware, and so forth. The basement floors are like a food museum. Th...
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  • Numazu Uogashi Sushi:Marubiru

  • Sushi ( Tokyo Station )
  • I usually come to Uogashi Sushi with my boss at lunchtime. It's an inexpensive but tasty sushi restaurant with a good atmosphere. I usually order the 1000 yen lunch, which comes with salad (which ...
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  • Mango Tree Tokyo

  • Thai ( Tokyo Station )
  • We went there on a sunday for the lunch buffet for 2625 Yen per person which is not cheap, but the pictures on the net about the meal were looking good. Additional, the view should be good from the 35...
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  • Sens & Saveurs

  • French ( Tokyo Station )
  • On a recent visit to the well-known (and, these days, well-worn) Sens et Saveurs I was able to take in a large and leisurely Sunday lunch. After having spent the morning watching a documentary about d...
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  • Pub Cardinal: Marunouchi

  • Dining bars, Bars ( Tokyo Station )
  • This high class bar caters to a very specific crowd. The bar is very large, with a bar and standing room in front, seating area in back, a full lower level, and tables, couches, and a bar outside as w...
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  • Plants Plants: Marunouchi

  • Florists ( Tokyo Station )
  • This is a cute flower shop in the Marunouchi Building. They offer really interesting and different arrangements for a variety of occasions. There are large arrangements (some very nice ones for weddin...
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  • Sembikiya: Kyobashi

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Desserts ( Nihombashi )
  • This place is great to visit just for photos and laughs, cause they have the square watermelon, the black watermelon, the triangular watermelon, and the, i believe it was the 300 kg watermelon. whatev...
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  • Imahan

  • Steak, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Nihombashi )
  • Imahan specializes in preparing gyunabe, which is a beef hot pot made with the best imahan wagyu beef.
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  • Cita Cita: Marunouchi

  • Asian Fusion ( Tokyo Station )
  • [b][url=]pens[/url][/b] [b][url=]mont blanc pens[/url][/b] <strong><a href="">mo...
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  • Daikanyama ASO Celeste:Nihombashi

  • Italian ( Nihombashi )
  • Daikanyama ASO Celeste is located alongside other top restaurants like Nadaman on the tenth floor of Mitsukoshi, a luxury department store. The restaurant is owned by Hiramatsu Inc., a restaurant comp...
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  • Sant Pau: Tokyo

  • Spanish, Wine Bars, Michelin ( Nihombashi )
  • The Tokyo 2009 Micheling guide awarded Sant Pau two stars, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. Chef Carme Ruscalleda is the only woman in Spain to have received three Michelin s...
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  • Signature: Nihombashi

  • French, Michelin ( Nihombashi )
  • Signature was awarded one star by the 2009 Tokyo Michelin Guide. Perched on the 37th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, this restaurant offers top-level French dining with a spectacular view of the...
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  • A16 TOKYO

  • Italian ( Tokyo Station )
  • A16 is the Tokyo outpost of this famous San Francisco restaurant. The name A16 refers to the highway that runs from Naples to Canosa, and it is from this region in Southern Italy that the restaurant d...
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  • Morita

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Tokyo Station )
  • Morita is on the 35th floor of the Marunouchi Building ("Maru Biru" in local dialect), offering a great view of downtown Tokyo. Wagyu beef shabu shabu. Window tables cost an additional 2,100yen; 8,400...
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