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  • Eat more Greens

  • Vegetarian & Healthy, Cafes ( Azabu-juban )
  • I've been twice for lunch and I love it! I usually go with girlfriends and we all enjoy our dishes thoroughly. It's also the first place I've been to where they actually serve brown rice! Love it. The...
  • Speak English English menu
  • Bulgari Il Cafe

  • Cafes, Italian ( Harajuku )
  • FABULOUS place for a date, lunch or a drink on the terrace! ELEGANT! We love the chic setting and it's great for entertaining clients as well.
  • Cafe Shift

  • Cafes, Bars ( Meguro )
  • It's got nice furnitures, cool music, interesting books, and tons of records. A little bit far from stations, but it's a good place to go when you walk around Meguro, Rinshi-no mori, Yebisu, and so on...
  • English menu
  • Cafe 246

  • Cafes, Bars, Bookstores ( Akasaka )
  • Yummy chicken tenders and creative choices on the menu. It's always really loud, except at lunch time, of course. They have an outdoor patio area, perfect for evening beers in spring and summer. Th...
  • English menu Picture menu
  • Cafe Landtmann: Omotesando

  • Cafes ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • I've never quite understood the appeal of sacher torte. It's one the most venerated things out of Austria (together with Mozart balls, if you've ever been the recipient of this most popular souvenir),...
  • English menu
  • A971

  • Bars, Cafes ( Roppongi )
  • Got thrown to the floor by the security for carrying my drink outside. I called the police but they wouldn't listen. Ruined my week and am still trying to file a report with the police. It might no...
  • Bali Cafe PUTRI

  • Asian Fusion, Cafes ( Roppongi )
  • A Balinese cafe with a view of Tokyo and the gardens at Roppongi Hills. The food is Southeast Asian and Indonesian, and there are plenty of drink choices as well. Open late.
  • Picture menu
  • Red Hopper

  • Cafes, Korean ( Ginza )
  • GIANT, ABSOLUTE disappointment. AVOID at all cost. Having received their flyer, I thought it was a bit ominous opening on 9/11, but I disregarded. When I tried to use the discounts attached, the st...
  • Bar Del Sole: Shinagawa

  • Cafes, Desserts, Bars, Italian ( Shinagawa )
  • Cafeseating is also available at this Italian restaurant. The simple interior offers 14 indoor and 22terrace seats where Neapolitan pizza, light appetizers, gelato, dole and alcoholic drinks are serve...
  • Marble Lounge: Shinjuku

  • Cafes, American ( Shinjuku )
  • The Marble Lounge is located on the first floor of the Hilton hotel, and is famous for its buffets. The lunch buffet runs from 11.30am-2pm and on weekends it turns into a brunch buffet. Mornings featu...
  • Speak English English menu Picture menu
  • Positive Deli

  • Cafes, Others ( Odaiba )
  • Positive Deli is an Australian-inspired eatery in the newly developed area of Odaiba. They aim to serve healthy and safe food, and their menu highlights a few Australian classics like Pavlova or Austr...
  • English menu
  • +AC Tokyo Apartment Cafe @ Harajuku

  • Cafes, Bars ( Harajuku )
  • A fashionable restaurant with a nice selection of drinks and ecclectic, Italian-inspired food menu. One of the few places in Tokyo offering panzerotti (a calzone-like folded pizza), which may not be t...
  • Speak English English menu
  • The Peak Lounge

  • Cafes ( Shinjuku )
  • When you reach the 41st floor of Park Hyatt Tokyo, spacious Peak Lounge welcomes you with dazzling sunlight. With a vaulted ceiling and glass walls, Peak Lounge makes a great observation point. You ca...
  • Picture menu
  • Caspita! Tokyo

  • Italian, Dining bars, Cafes ( Nihombashi )
  • Caspita! Tokyo is a traditional Italian restaurant located across the street from Tokyo Station Yaesu exit. English menu is currently not available, but they occasionally have English speaking waiters...
  • Speak English Picture menu
  • Caspita! Shimbashi

  • Italian, Dining bars, Cafes ( Shimbashi )
  • Caspita! Shimbashi is a traditional Italian restaurant located next to the Nishi-Shimbashi crossing. English menu is currently not available, but they occasionally have English speaking waiters. The m...
  • Speak English
  • Traveler's Dining PUSH UP

  • Asian Fusion, Cafes, Izakaya ( Akihabara )
  • There is a small restaurant between Akihabara and Kanda. You can meet a funky cook here. He is owner of the restaurant. You can eat reasonable and good taste foods based Italian and Japanese. Why is ...

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