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  • Jean Paul Hevin: Roppongi

  • Cafes, Chocolate, Desserts ( Roppongi )
  • Walked past Jean-Paul Hevin's and immediately fell prey to his chocolate lure. The Mont Blanc on the menu outside had me in a trance, but I was pressed for time. I promised myself I'd come back. Thoug...
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  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: Shibuya

  • Cafes, Doughnuts ( Shibuya )
  • In Japan I crave sweet things so much more than I had in the US. That being said, I was excited about seeing a Krispy Kreme. The hot donuts were delicious as always. However I did feeling a little bad...
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  • Conana: Shinjuku

  • Italian, Cafes ( Shinjuku )
  • Conana offers a complete dining experience in that the atmosphere, service, food quality, and price all score well above average. Not knowing which of the numerous shops to choose from in the Lumin...
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  • Kobeya Kitchen

  • Bakery, Cafes ( Ebisu )
  • This is one of the better sandwich shops in Tokyo. This delicatessen style shop is in Atre (Ebisu Station) and they serve about 9-12 varieties of sandwiches depending on the time and day you go. Kat...
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  • Zoka: Akasaka

  • Cafes ( Akasaka )
  • Japan has more corporate coffee chains than I've ever seen in my life. Corporate coffee shops have a different feel than homegrown ones, and I prefer the homegrown, local feel any day. However, when I...
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  • Lemon Fresh Fruits Studio

  • Cafes, Desserts ( Yoyogi )
  • If you venture into the ground-floor of a Japanese department store, you are bound to see all that perfect fruit at exorbitant prices. It's all neatly wrapped, packed and sealed and promising the most...
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  • Cafe Landtmann: Omotesando

  • Cafes ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • I've never quite understood the appeal of sacher torte. It's one the most venerated things out of Austria (together with Mozart balls, if you've ever been the recipient of this most popular souvenir),...
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  • Excelsior Cafe

  • Cafes ( Shinjuku )
  • Of all the major coffee chains available in Tokyo, I've always viewed Excelsior Cafe as the most unmemorable one. The taste is not overly exciting nor is it bad. It simply does the job when all you ...
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  • Dipper Dan

  • Cafes, Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Others ( Ikebukuro )
  • Dipper Dan is good if you're in the Sunshine City area, but in Ikebukuro there are better crepes to be had, even in the Sega Arcade down the street. Dipper Dan's drinks also were always a little too s...
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  • Sweets Forest: Jiyugaoka

  • Bakery, Cafes, Japanese Sweets & Cafes ( Jiyugaoka )
  • Oh dear. Sweets Forest lulls you inside with its over the top decor and promise of a dessert lovers paradise. Inside there are several different stations with people making various over priced treats....
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  • Le Cafe Doutor

  • Cafes ( Ginza )
  • Sept. 21, 2011, at Osaka Tennoji Doutor coffee shop the manager harassed my friend telling her she could not sit with me while I had breakfast unless she purchased a drink. I was not sharing my meal. ...
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  • Becker's

  • Cafes, Fast Food ( Ebisu )
  • Becker's will try to lure you with pictures of such innovative 'burgers' as shrimp on a croissant. Becker's tries to present itself as perhaps a more classy burger joint, but there is a large selectio...
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  • Tully's Coffee

  • Cafes ( Shibuya )
  • Though Tully's Coffee is pricey it uses good quality beans. I've also had the iced matcha tea which was so so, I've had better at other places. Quiet enought to study or read a book, this coffe shop i...
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  • Red Hopper

  • Cafes, Korean ( Ginza )
  • GIANT, ABSOLUTE disappointment. AVOID at all cost. Having received their flyer, I thought it was a bit ominous opening on 9/11, but I disregarded. When I tried to use the discounts attached, the st...
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  • Cafehors et dans

  • Italian, Cafes ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Cafe Hors et Dans features an all-weather patio, and is located on of the second floor of one of the buildings next to Omotesando Hills. From the patio, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Keyaki Nami...
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  • Park Hyatt Tokyo Delicatessen

  • Cafes, Bakery ( Shinjuku )
  • A deli on the first floor of Park Hyatt Tokyo. Chic shaded interiors and high ceilings produce a stylish and spacious atmosphere. Outdoor seats surrounded by green and birds are a temporary relief f...
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  • Positive Deli

  • Cafes, Others ( Odaiba )
  • Positive Deli is an Australian-inspired eatery in the newly developed area of Odaiba. They aim to serve healthy and safe food, and their menu highlights a few Australian classics like Pavlova or Austr...
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  • Ben's Cafe: Takadanobaba

  • Cafes, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Takadanobaba )
  • Ben's cafe is a long-standing institution in Takadanobaba and a favorite among many foreign residents. The cafe serves British-style breakfasts, turns into a bar at night with several beers on draft, ...

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