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  • == Closed == Savoia: Akasaka

  • Italian, Food-Others ( Akasaka )
  • Uninspiring, if inexpensive, food served by a delightful young staff. I haven't bothered returning because for a few yen more, you can get a more satisfying meal in other nearby restaurants.
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  • August Beer Club

  • Pizza, Italian, Beer Bars ( Hiroo )
  • Small bar with table seating all around the perimeter of the room. A big viking-style table in the center. Wooden accented ambiance, and a hot brick oven in the back. Excellent house-made beers on tap...
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  • Andy

  • Italian, Pizza ( Gotanda )
  • A little gem of Pizza restaurant hidden on the out skirts of the Meguro/Gotanda area. Definitely, on par with the best Tokyo has to offer. The owner has an excellent off-menu wine for discerning palat...
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  • Jorgey's Spice Dining

  • Family Restaurant, Indian & South Asian, Italian ( Shinjuku )
  • I crave his lamb chops and I don't even like lamb! He made me love lamb. Love to share this place with people who love good Indian food and enjoy chatting with Mr Thapa. He's in love with food. Had th...
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  • Conana: Shinjuku

  • Italian, Cafes ( Shinjuku )
  • Conana offers a complete dining experience in that the atmosphere, service, food quality, and price all score well above average. Not knowing which of the numerous shops to choose from in the Lumin...
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  • Saizeriya: Odaiba

  • Italian, Family Restaurant ( Odaiba )
  • Whenever I'm in the mood for Italian food, I always want to go to a Saizeriya. The prices are really good and you actually get full after the meal. I even went to Saizeriya with an Italian once and ...
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  • Venire Venire: Harajuku

  • Italian ( Harajuku )
  • I was here for an all you can eat/all you can drink event. I was actually very pleasantly surprised by the food. The salad was Western, with no seaweed snuck in. The pasta was not overcooked and well ...
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  • == Closed == Savoia: Ueno

  • Italian ( Ueno )
  • After a morning at the Tokyo National Museum, we were glad to find Savoia in Ueno Park. While in a very busy area on a sunny Saturday, we were still able to find seating inside and outside of the rest...
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  • Chelsea Market

  • American, Italian ( Akihabara )
  • I went here for a late "Fourth of July" lunch, and I have to say I was pretty pleased. I got the avocado burger, and it was huge. Certainly not the best hamburger I've ever had, but it was p...
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  • Hattifnatt

  • Italian ( Koenji )
  • The MOST charming restaurant I have ever been to. I was meeting my friends here and one of them described it as a tree house with a hobbit door which is EXACTLY what it looks like. The restaurant is v...
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  • Shakey's

  • American, Italian ( Harajuku )
  • Let me first say I thought the pizza was fine... when we finally got it. The food is standard pizza/pub fare but the fatal flaw in this restaurant is in the horrible service. I swear, they must still ...
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  • Pizza Salvatore Cuomo

  • Italian, ( Shinjuku )
  • Owned by Salvadore Cuomo, Pizza Salvatore Cuomo introduced Napolitan Pizza to Tokyo. The restaurant is very spacious, and since the kitchen is open, it's fun to watch the chefs. The lunch buffet costs...
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  • Italian Tomato Cafe Jr.

  • Italian, Cafes ( Ikebukuro )
  • This Italian cafe chain is all over Tokyo with locations in Shibuya and Harajuku. The place is reasonably priced and the food is pretty standard. This is by no means good Italian but will suffice if y...
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  • Noodle Workshop

  • Italian ( Roppongi )
  • The noodle workshop gives you exactly what you see, but delivers no surprises. Yet, for the price range, you can't be that picky and this eatery definitely stands out among the cheaper options at Toky...
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  • Saizeriya

  • Italian, Family Restaurant, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Shibuya )
  • The food is cheap and due to a recent issue with melamine being found in their pizza dough, I know that I'll never be going back. Sure the food is edible and cheap, but what is the real cost?
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  • QuaQua : Yotsuya

  • Italian ( Yotsuya )
  • If you come here, stick with the pasta. The pizza looks absolutely disgusting, and I have it on good authority (a friend of mine works there) that my assessment is correct. The pasta is pretty decent,...
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  • Antonio's : Aoyama

  • Italian ( Hiroo )
  • Born in 1944 in Kobe, Antonio's is a watershed Italian restaurant. The ceilings are high and the tables wide, giving the restaurant a spacious and relaxed atmosphere. Foreign businessmen and local l...
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  • Cafehors et dans

  • Italian, Cafes ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Cafe Hors et Dans features an all-weather patio, and is located on of the second floor of one of the buildings next to Omotesando Hills. From the patio, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Keyaki Nami...
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  • Pizza Salvatore Cuomo: Yotsuya

  • Italian, ( Yotsuya )
  • Owned by Salvadore Cuomo, Pizza Salvatore Cuomo introduced Napolitan Pizza to Tokyo. The restaurant is very spacious, and since the kitchen is open, it's fun to watch the chefs. The lunch buffet costs...
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  • Cafe La Boheme: Daikanyama

  • Italian ( Others )
  • La Boheme Qualite is an Italian restaurant spread over two floors that transport the diner to a castle in old Europe. The unique interior provides an unforgettable atmosphere perfect for a date. After...
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