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  • Ito-ya

  • Cards & Stationery, Japanese Goods ( Ginza )
  • Ito-ya, opened in 1904, specializes in stationery. This third branch is located behind the main Ito-ya branch in Ginza and features an impressive collection of Japanese writing utensils, and other sta...
  • Ito-ya

  • Cards & Stationery ( Ginza )
  • I love this shop!Ito-ya is all stationary department store! Whenever I go to Ginza, I drop in. I especially like to go schedule notebook fair in winter time before new year. They have a msasive colle...
  • Kyukyodo

  • Cards & Stationery, Japanese Goods ( Ginza )
  • This is a very cute store, full of cards and various other paper goods. There is a wide range of products, and they all seem to be of a high upscale quality. If you take the time to look around, you c...
  • Smith: Odaiba

  • Fun Shops, Cards & Stationery ( Odaiba )
  • I remember this shop the most from my Odaiba experience. They have some really unique stationary inside and I ended up buying several sets to take home. Some of them you can't find anymore or are ha...
  • Ito-ya

  • Cards & Stationery ( Ginza )
  • This is a wonderful store with several floors worth of stuff that will delight those who are interested in cards, stationary, pens, and paper. It is a bright and cheerful store that has several goodie...
  • 3 TRES WG

  • Cards & Stationery, Fun Shops, Interior Design & Furniture, Souvenirs ( Akasaka )
  • I thought this place was on the verge of being a little expensive, but not much considering how much everything else costs in Tokyo. I bought a few things here for the office and my dad, which he rea...
  • Muji: Roppongi

  • Cards & Stationery, Interior Design & Furniture ( Roppongi )
  • Muji may be my favorite store in Japan. As a college student, its as if someone had peeked into my brain, anticipated everything I ever needed on an average day, and put it all into one store. Everyth...
  • Plaza

  • Cards & Stationery, Fun Shops, Cosmetics & Beauty Supplies ( Ginza )
  • Plaza( used to be known as a Sony Plaza)is so popular among Japanese girls. They sell cosmetic, clothes, stationaries, bags, t-shirts, cups foods, and so on. They often sell imported items and a bit u...
  • FedEx Kinko's: Yotsuya

  • Courier Services, Cards & Stationery ( Yotsuya )
  • I was very impressed with the service I got at the FedEx in Yotsuya. They were very patient with my broken Japanese request for sending an item via express mail, and sending a fax. I really needed to ...
  • Muji: Shinjuku

  • Cards & Stationery, Interior Design & Furniture ( Shinjuku )
  • MUJI may actually sell everything one can think of. They have a clothing department, which I am not a fan of. The clothes, as keeping with the MUJI image and all very plain and casual. However, they a...
  • Fred and Perry

  • Fun Shops, Cards & Stationery ( Ginza )
  • This is a bit secret place! This is such a lovey stationary shop run by couples. Their display is like liburary! Around the entrance, they display antique stationaries and looks really arts!Just visi...

  • Cosmetics & Beauty Supplies, Fun Shops, Cards & Stationery, Accessories ( Shinjuku )
  • It'sdemo, as it sounds, you can also spell as itsudemo, which means 'whenever' in japanese. So this shop is the one you can drop by whenever ! This shop often are located near station so you can drop...
  • Nakayoshiya

  • Cards & Stationery ( Yotsuya )
  • This was a decent office supply store. It is very close to Yotsuya Station, and is not unreasonably priced, as far as office supplies go. For Sophia students, it's a nice alternative to the bookstore ...
  • Cardteria: Marunouchi

  • Cards & Stationery ( Tokyo Station )
  • This was a stationary store in the Marunouchi Building. It had a small selection of cards, but they were pretty boring overall. They had some cute cards, but not enough to make it worth the effort. Th...
  • Muji: Yurakucho

  • Cards & Stationery, Interior Design & Furniture ( Ginza )
  • A Japanese retail company, which sells a wide variety of products from snacks and stationary to clothes and household goods. Muji, meaning “no brand”, is known for design minimalism, and all prod...
  • Muji: Shibuya Parco

  • Cards & Stationery ( Shibuya )
  • A Japanese retail company, which sells a wide variety of products from snacks and stationary to clothes and household goods. Muji, meaning “no brand”, is known for design minimalism, and all prod...
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  • NICI

  • Kids & Infants, Cards & Stationery ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
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