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S Watanabe Color Print ( Japanese Goods, Souvenirs, Antiques / Shimbashi )

S Watanabe Color Print / Japanese Goods / Tokyo
  • We hold the best collections of woodblocks in Japan! All of our prints are made from original woodblocks and bear a stamp of quality assurance that only Watanabe Color Prints can provide.
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Maruara-Watanabe ( Japanese Goods, Souvenirs / Shibuya )

Maruara-Watanabe / Japanese Goods / Tokyo
  • Maru-Ara Watanabe offers selected Japanese-style items embedded with the essence of Kyoto and Edo. 
Our product lineup includes kimonos, Hakimono (Japanese-style footwear), tableware, everyday items, souvenirs and more.
    We propose a way of enjoying "Wa (Japanese)" taste that we discovered while promoting "Geta (Japanese wooden footwear)" and other items in Paris.
  • --Receive a 10% discount on your bill.--
    * You must bring a printed copy of this coupon.
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Yokoyama - Arts & Crafts ( Japanese Goods, Souvenirs, Antiques / Chiba, Narita )

Yokoyama - Arts & Crafts / Japanese Goods / Tokyo
  • Original custom-order screens, woodblock prints and Japanese antiques! Yokoyama has over 100 years of history dealing in the best of Japan's past, and creating new art pieces for your living spaces.
  • --- 5% Discount ---
    * This coupon can only be used once.
    * Please bring a printed copy of this coupon.
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Art Plaza Magatani ( Japanese Goods, Souvenirs, Antiques / Tameikesanno )

Art Plaza Magatani / Japanese Goods / Tokyo
  • Four generations of expertise in dealing Japanese antiques. We believe that antiques should become part of your daily life, adding a touch of history and warmth to a room. Visit us to see our incredible stock!
  • --- 10% Discount ---
    * This coupon can only be used once.
    * Please bring a printed copy of this coupon.
    * If paying by credit card, only a 5% discount applies.
  • Tokyu Hands: Shibuya

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Shibuya )
  • A large store that has products ranging from sporting goods to bathroom toiletries. If you have looked everywhere for something in particular then this should be your final destination. It is always...
  • Loft: Sunshine City

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Ikebukuro )
  • Always a fun place to go into, always. They offered some really different items in this Loft that I must have looked over in some of the other ones. It's smaller, but still with all the fun merchand...
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  • Souvenirs, Interior Design & Furniture, Japanese Goods, Antiques ( Roppongi )
  • They managed to modernize old Japan in a very comfortable and not in your face way. Wa is becoming more and more popular in Japan and The Cover does a nice job at doing it without taking away the old...
  • Loft: Shibuya

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Shibuya )
  • LOFT is known for its wide selection of modern and functional products related to hobby and crafts. Shibuya LOFT in particular has an exciting array of interior products including hip and functional ...
  • Loft: Ikebukuro

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Ikebukuro )
  • I love the loft, but this one is significantly smaller than all the other ones. Because of this, their selection is much smaller too. I'd rather wander my way over to the one in Shibuya, to be hones...
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  • Trunks-Ya: Asakusa

  • Fun Shops, Clothing, Souvenirs ( Asakusa )
  • I laughed when I saw this store. It's a cool place and I had to browse inside. It's pretty decent priced and some of the designs are hilarious. Some I actually liked. I didn't end up buying anythi...
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  • Japan Online Shopping

  • Housewares, Japanese Goods, Souvenirs ( Tameikesanno )
  • There's a lot of really nice stuff on here. Not too pricey, but they do free shipping to those living in Japan. That's a bonus!
  • Tokyu Hands: Shinjuku

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Yoyogi )
  • I liked this Tokyu Hands. They had a lot of the same products as their counterpart as well as a few other treats I hadn't noticed before. If you're looking for anything at all, Tokyu Hands will prob...
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  • Onoden: Main Store

  • Consumer Electronics, Duty Free Shops, Souvenirs ( Akihabara )
  • I liked that just about anyone that worked here speaks English. For people like me, whose Japanese is a little rusty, this was very helpful.. a few of them were trying, but failing however. It's the...
  • Hashi Choh

  • Souvenirs, Japanese Goods, Shopping Malls ( Roppongi )
  • I really liked the chopsticks in here. It's really special that they're handmade and the designs are to die for. Since they're handmade, they're also more expensive than just going to a regular stor...
  • Loft: Marunouchi

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Tokyo Station )
  • The Loft is always a place that I visit and this one wasn't any different. I was surprised how small-minded the merchandise was compared to the other Lofts. A lot of it catered to the businessman or...
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  • KiddyLand

  • Kids & Infants, Souvenirs ( Harajuku )
  • Kiddyland offers cartoon character goods and an incredible assortment of toys. The store is a ride of fun, and you can always find something new.
  • 3 TRES WG

  • Cards & Stationery, Fun Shops, Interior Design & Furniture, Souvenirs ( Akasaka )
  • A fun and fashionable selection of accessories, stationary, business goods can be found here. Primarily for men, with some products appealing to everyone.
  • Sanrio Shop : Shinjuku

  • Kids & Infants, Souvenirs ( Shinjuku )
  • The world's biggest Hello Kitty (2.5 meters tall) dominates the entrance to the Sanrio shop, where you can find all kinds of Hello Kitty, Usahana and Cinnamoroll paraphernalia. Pens, cups, t-shirts, s...
  • Tokyu Hands: Ikebukuro

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Ikebukuro )
  • Tokyu Hands, operated by Tokyu Group, is a hobby and crafts chain similar to LOFT, though Tokyu Hand's selection has a greater emphasis on function and DIY. Tokyu has been responsible for several cons...
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  • Atelier Shinji Ginza

  • Jewelry, Souvenirs, Boutique/Luxury Brands ( Ginza )
  • Atelier Shinji Ginza designs and hand-makes original and unique jewelry. The workshop and flagship store are located in a quiet part of Tokyo's Ginza district. A large part-opaque glass unit allows cu...
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