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  • Koishikawa Korakuen

  • Japanese Gardens ( Iidabashi )
  • I'd say this place is almost as good as Hamarikyu. Hamarikyu has more greenery and open space going for it, but Koishikawa is a bit more fun to explore, with various "landmarks" around the...
  • Imperial Palace East Gardens

  • Japanese Gardens ( Jimbocho )
  • The East Gardens are quite pretty with some very nice landscaping. My favorite areas are on the top of the hill, where there is a large green area that *gasp!* you can actually walk on, and the garden...
  • Mukoujima Hyakka-en

  • Japanese Gardens ( Asakusa )
  • Whoever wrote the overview for this park is largely mistaken in almost all the details, according to the park's own pamphlet. Hyakkaen means only "Garden of 100 flowers," and it opened in 1...
  • Kiyosumi Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Ryogoku )
  • This garden was basically very similar to most of the Japanese gardens that I've experienced in Tokyo. While it had all of the general parts including a pretty pond with islands and beautiful Japanes...
  • Hamarikyu Onshi Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Shimbashi )
  • Hamarikyu Onshi Teien used to be the detached palace of the Imperial family. The garden is 250,215,72 squared meters big and is the only garden in Tokyo with a pond containing salt water from Tokyo Ba...
  • Kyu Iwasakitei Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Ueno )
  • The place is decent. Outside were art or architecture students studying the building. It's basically like walking through a castle or building in one of the European countries, if you've ever been, ex...
  • Shinjuku Gyoen Park

  • Japanese Gardens, Parks & Nature ( Yoyogi )
  • Shinjuku Gyoen spreads over 58.3 hectares, and presents a unique blend of Western and Japanese elements. The Prime Minister holds a cherry-viewing party in this garden every year. There are over 1500...
  • Kyu Shibarikyu Onshi Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Hamamatsucho )
  • If you're on a garden trip, then this should be first to knock off, because after going to a garden like HamaRikyu, you'll be disappointed. It's not that the park is bad, but it's average. There is th...
  • Happo-en

  • Japanese Gardens ( Shirokane )
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  • Sankeien

  • Japanese Gardens, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Yokohama )
  • One of Yokohama's major tourist attractions, this traditional Japanese landscape garden houses a collection of well-preserved Edo era buildings.
  • Rikugien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Komagome )
  • Established 1702, Rikugien Garden stretches over 88,000m2 with ponds, fields, fresh-cut bushes, and timbered diciduous trees balanced in perfect harmony. A beautiful view of a pond by the cape is ava...
  • Kyu Furukawa Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Komagome )
  • Kyu Furukawa Teien is a garden that blends Japanese and Western elements. By the entrance there is a western-style building, and next to it a western garden with a collection of roses and azaleas. The...
  • Tonogayato Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Tachikawa )
  • Tonogayato Teien is a garden that blends Japanese elements, such as a clear spring and pond, with Western elements, such as small hills, pine and maple trees, and a rock-lined well. The garden itse...
  • Yamamoto Tei

  • Japanese Gardens ( Kita-Senju )
  • Yamamoto Tei was ranked in the top three for three consecutive years by the US-based "Journal of Japanese Gardens." A wooden two-story building stands in the center of the 900-squared-meter garden. Ju...
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