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  • Ghibli Museum

  • Museums ( Kichijoji )
  • The Mitaka Forest Gihbli Museum captures the essence of the works of Miyazaki Hayao, Japan’s most prominent anime director. The museum isn’t just a collection of displays of Totoro or Laputa; rath...
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

  • Museums ( Ebisu )
  • For those who wander what to do this week-end. You might think to The Museum of Photography. You have 3 floors consacred to the photo. On the basement, you can find a free exposition with a lot of n...
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  • Ramen Museum

  • Museums, Ramen, One Day Experience ( Yokohama )
  • Who: Myself, Den Leader, and Son's Cub Scout friends Wear: Casual Why: We were in Yokohama and hungry Verdict: GO!!!!!! Visiting this place was totally worth it. So quirky and well-constructed as onl...
  • Mori Art Museum

  • Museums ( Roppongi )
  • The Mori Art Museum is a great space for exhibitions conveniently located at the top of Roppongi Hills Tower. When you reach the top the view is simply breathtaking as Tokyo's tangled metropolis conti...
  • Suntory Museum of Art

  • Museums ( Roppongi )
  • Quaint and well-appointed, this museum offers many different exhibits . When I visited, there was a glass exhibit being displayed. It is smaller than the Mori Art museum and doesn't offer the Panor...
  • Tokyo National Museum

  • Museums ( Ueno )
  • This museum is so large that one day wouldn't be enough to see everything. The displays happen in five separate halls, and at any one time one can see about three thousand of their pieces. The whole c...
  • Beer Museum Yebisu

  • Museums ( Ebisu )
  • The Ebisu Beer museum is a brilliant place to go and I tell you what I have a great link for anybody else who might want to read a little more about it here,
  • Museum of Maritime Science

  • Museums ( Odaiba )
  • This is a great museum and I would have given it 5 stars if only they had better English guidance. The Maritime Museum building, a short walk from Fuji TV, resembles a beached, six-story cruise ship. ...
  • The National Museum of Modern Art

  • Museums, Architecture ( Jimbocho )
  • As I'm not much a fan of some of the "art" in the MOMA of New York, I wasn't sure that I really wanted to go to the MOMAT (National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo). However, I was pleasantly su...
  • Idemitsu Museum of Arts

  • Museums ( Ginza )
  • Idemitsu Museum of Arts was hard to find because it is not well advertised on the street. The only indication that it was there was a small sign on the door, so I had to ask for directions. However, o...
  • Bunkamura

  • Museums, Theaters, Concert Venues, Art Galleries ( Shibuya )
  • Bunkamura usually has some kind of interesting art exhibition going on, one of the times I went, it was a Russian Constructivist Painter show, which was interesting. Due to the gallery space's somewh...
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

  • Museums ( Kinshicho )
  • Standing out side this museum, you can just how big it is. On the outside window there are several marks that indicate various high-water marks, but I don't know if those marks happened at the museum ...
  • Sony ExploraScience

  • Museums, Planetariums ( Odaiba )
  • Science is fun because it explains mysteries, and museums that let children and adults explore in life's curiosities are a blast. The Sony ExploraScience museum is one of those interesting museums ful...
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum

  • Museums ( Ryogoku )
  • The Edo-Tokyo Museum focuses on the 400 years that the Edo period spans in Japanese history. There are around 2,500 items on display, such as Ukiyo-e paintings, picture scrolls, kimonos and documents....
  • Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art

  • Museums ( Harajuku )
  • Ukiyo-e images are common in the west, and almost everyone is familiar with Hokosai's famous woodblock series featuring Mt. Fuji. That being said, the (Ukiyo-e museum) isn't for everyone. When I went ...
  • The National Art Center

  • Museums ( Roppongi )
  • In 2007, the National Art Center was the fifth public art museum to open in Roppongi. The museum has 14,000 square meters of floor space and hosts a large number of exhibitions of famous Japanese and ...
  • The National Science Museum

  • Museums ( Ueno )
  • Yeah, I didn't enjoy this one. I came to see dinosaurs bones in fact and there's not so much. Most everything is in Japanese and it's hard to understand what you deal with. It's okay for the wild...
  • Science museum

  • Museums ( Jimbocho )
  • The science museum, inside Kitanomaru park, is packed with 5 levels of exhibits. Some example themes include "illusion," "mechanics," and "future scope." The museum is ai...
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

  • Museums ( Ueno )
  • I wasn't very impressed with the Tokyo Metro Museum of Art, or "Tobikan." For starters, their website only has one page of English - you can't easily see what's being exhibited at any given ...
  • Hikawa Maru

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Museums ( Yokohama )
  • The Hikawa Maru was a state-of-the-art ship that entered service in 1930. At the time it was one of the most advanced ships in service. The liner was in service for 30 years, and crossed the Pacific 2...
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