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  • Sumo Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Ryogoku )
  • The Sumo are large and in charge. The Sumo Museum in Ryogoku is a seasonal tribute to Japan's favorite pastime and is located in a small part of one of Tokyo's largest Sumo arenas. If you are lucky, y...
  • Kite Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Nihombashi )
  • When you walk in here you are greeted by all the vibrant colors of the rainbow. The kite museum is a tribute to all the splendor and craftsmanship of many different types of kites. The kite museum is ...
  • Banknote & Postage Stamp Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Ichigaya )
  • Is there anyone who isn't interested in money? Well, yes, there are a few, but for the rest of us, there is Osatsu To Kitte Hakubutsuka in Ichigaya. One of the neatest things about this money museum i...
  • The Japanese Sword Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Yoyogi )
  • An intimate museum showcasing the very best of Japanese swords. In the entrance there is an explanation of the tatara method, the traditional process of making high quality Japanese steel to produce t...
  • The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Museums (Small) ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art -- the Watarium -- is known for its unique ways of presenting art works. Not settling for merely lining the walls like normal art museums, the curators at the Wa...
  • World Bags Luggage Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Asakusa )
  • Tokyo boasts quite a few small size museums that diverge from the traditional government-funded, monolithic, historical model we are familiar with in America (think Washington's Museum of Natural Hist...
  • Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Waseda )
  • As the only theatre museum in Japan, the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum is devoted entirely to the study of the history of drama, and offers excellent facilities for fostering the theatrical cultur...
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Iidabashi )
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is Japan's only museum dedicated to the national pastime of baseball. They carry extensive resources concerning everything baseball: professional or amateur, nati...
  • Shitamachi Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Ueno )
  • The Shitamachi Musuem is dedicated to depicting the "Edo way of life" and Shitamachi cityscape from the Taisho period to the present. (Shitamachi=literally: down town, but refers to traditional workin...
  • Machiko Hasegawa Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Futakotamagawa )
  • It can be said with conviction that there is no Japanese person, young or old, who isn't familiar with the cartoon "Sazae-san." It is therefore no surprise that the author should have her own museum:...
  • Yayoi Museum & Takehisa Yumeji Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Ueno )
  • This art museum is the only gallery in Tokyo where you can admire the work of the Taisho-era artist Yumeji Takehisa. Takeshita lived from 1884 to 1934 and is one of the foremost artists and poets of t...
  • Tokyo Tower Wax Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Azabu-juban )
  • At the Tokyo Tower Wax Museum you'll come across faces that include Hollywood movie stars, musicians and conductors and Japanese celebrities. The wax figures have been imported from London, the birth...
  • Parasite Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Meguro )
  • The Meguro Parasitological Museum is probably unique in the world. The collection started with the work of Dr. Kamegai Satoru, who collected specimens from the afflictions he saw in the years right af...
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  • The Seiko Institute of Horology

  • Museums (Small) ( Asakusa )
  • The Seiko Institute of Horology was opened in 1981 to commemorate Seiko's 100th year anniversary. Seiko's collection is centered on historic pieces such as the first wristwatch made in Japan and the ...
  • Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Museums (Small) ( Shinagawa )
  • The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art opened in 1979 and is located inside a renovated private residence. It is said that each of the small rooms can be experienced as works of art on their own, with wo...
  • Glasses Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Shibuya )
  • The Glasses Museum was opened in 1992 to commemorate Iris Megane's 90 year anniversary, which by now has been in business for over 100 years and has had ample time to collect antique glasses and optic...
  • Japan Stationery Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Ryogoku )
  • At the Japan Stationery Museum you'll find fascinating examples of scribe-wares such as ancient Chinese brushes and ink-stones, antique fountain pens and paper-knifes from all over the world. The gia...
  • Mitsuo Aida Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Tokyo Station )
  • Mitsuo Aida is a calligrapher and poet who lived between 1924 and 1991. His brush-work and words have a forceful vitality to communicate the preciousness of "life." His poems examine humanity and show...
  • JCII Camera Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Ichigaya )
  • The JCII Camera Museum displays cameras from Japan and around the world. Historical models and quirky works make for an interesting collection. You'll experience the development of photographic appara...
  • Tobacco & Salt Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Shibuya )
  • The Tobacco & Salt Museum features displays on the history of these two products in Japan. You can learn about salt extraction and also about the different kinds of salt around the world. Tobacco exhi...
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