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  • Aqua Garden Mitsukoshiyu

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Shirokane )
  • Actually, the rotenburo should be called "semi-rotenburo" as it is actually indoors - it's a small nice "yard" enclosed with walls and a roof, but there are windows (with blinds) t...
  • Hirooyu

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Hiroo )
  • An absolutely basic no-thrill sento, but a nice place to drop in after shopping in Hiroo, or a walk in Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park, or before a visit to the nearby Hiroo Hiropractic center in order ...
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  • Tsuki no Yu

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Sugamo )
  • Tsuki no Yu (Moon Bath) is a nice quiet sento with friendly staff. This sento has one large hot bath which includes several jets, one smaller sized bath with rotating sent (tea, haze, flowers, etc). T...
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  • Togi

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Nippori )
  • A mosaic view of nature and Mt. Fuji adorns the wall. This sento offers three baths two of which are extremely hot and one that can only be enjoyed for a short while before becoming too much. Over all...
  • Chitose

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Nippori )
  • With classic view of fuji on the wall this sento has a very old world feel to it. Sadly the water was extremely hot so It was not quite as enjoyable as it could have been.
  • Shimizuyu

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Shimizu-yu is a bath house very close to Omotesando Station. There are koi fish swimming in their inner garden. Gazing at the noble fish after a long dip in the bath will make you forget the busy cit...
  • Komparuyu

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Shimbashi )
  • Public bathing: I'm a fan. I like the idea of it as a social equalizer, and I like the actual act of bathing. In America, I like my baths hotter than most of my friends can stand; I can't hold a candl...
  • Bon Duesh

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Ichigaya )
  • A hot bath can cure lots of things, and at Bon Duesh you have the ability to just that. This is a very small sento with chambers for both men and women and only costs 400 yen. The entrance is quite co...
  • Daikokuyu

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Kita-Senju )
  • Daikoku-yu is a bath house extremely popular with sento-fans. The splendid exterior reminds one of a Buddhist temple, and indeed you feel like you've somehow ended up in Kyoto. Inside, you're greete...
  • Take no Yu

  • Sento (Public Bath), Onsen ( Azabu-juban )
  • A very basic onsen, Take no Yu is hard to distinguish from an old-fashioned sento until you take a dip in the onsen, with its startlingly black mineral-rich water. Said to be good for the skin, the wa...
  • Komyosen

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Nakameguro )
  • Komyosen is a bath-house right by Naka-meguro Station. It is clean, with high ceilings. They have two tubs -- the "deep tub" and the "shallow tub."
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