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  • Tsukiji Hongan Ji

  • Temples ( Tsukiji )
  • When I first went here I was unsure if this was a university lecture hall or a temple. But once you start paying attention to the details....oh wow. It is breathtaking. The architecture is amazing ...
  • Kotoku In

  • Temples ( Yokohama )
  • First and've made the trip all the way out out the pocket change to go inside the buddha. It's really interesting to see how such a large sculpture is constructed and aft...
  • Shibamata Taishaku Ten

  • Temples ( Kita-Senju )
  • As soon as you arrive Shibamata station, something feels very different. Everyone moves a little slower there, and the absence of Tokyo city noise is very noticeable.. The town is, intentionally or no...
  • Gokokuji Temple

  • Temples ( Waseda )
  • Gokokuji Temple is a bit ordinary on the outside (gorgeous, certainly, but in a very traditional way). But its insides (which, incidentally cannot be photographed) are gorgeous and the temple itself i...
  • Sensoji

  • Temples ( Asakusa )
  • Senoso-ji is by far Tokyo's most famous temple. Constructed in 628, it is the oldest Buddhist temple within the city. Expect a bustling crowd whenever you go. The path leading to the main building ...
  • Nikko

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Temples, Shrines ( Kita-Senju )
  • Nikko is home to a spectacular complex of shrines and temples which together are a World Heritage Site and the impressive Nikko National Park, with good views and hiking trails. It can be reached in u...
  • Kanei Ji

  • Temples ( Nippori )
  • Kane-Iji is a very beautiful temple that has many statues and memorials, but its not exactly tranquil there. While the temple itself and all parts of its property are quite picturesque, there is one p...
  • Sengakuji

  • Temples ( Shinagawa )
  • Sengaku-ji is a Buddhist Temple built in 1612. The location is famous for holding the graves of the characters of "Chushingura," a popular subject for Kabuki plays that tells a vendetta story from th...
  • Zenshin-ji Temple

  • Temples ( Sugamo )
  • Zenshin-ji Temple isn’t very natural or surrounded by gardens like its sister temple Saishin-ji. Its architecture, however, is much more beautiful (though also closed). You can reach the joint cemet...
  • Saishin-ji Temple

  • Temples ( Sugamo )
  • Saishin-ji Temple is rather small and crowded with nature despite being on a fairly busy street. The temple is directly in front of the entrance (blocked from sight by some overgrown trees) but the pa...
  • Gohyaku Rakanji

  • Temples ( Meguro )
  • The 287 wooden Buddhist statues that line up Gohyaku Rakanji where carved in 1695. Each has a unique character, expression, name, and story. Looking at them one by one is a historical and cultural e...
  • Honjo-ji Temple

  • Temples ( Waseda )
  • Honjo-ji Temple’s surrounding garden is under construction right now so be prepared for a not-so-serene experience. The temple was closed but most people (the few who were there) were visiting the c...
  • Honmon Ji

  • Temples ( Jiyugaoka )
  • Honmon-Ji is the head-temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism. Once you've climbed to the top of the 96 stone steps leading up the hill, you'll be welcomed by the temples and belfries dedicated in th...
  • Ekoin

  • Temples ( Ryogoku )
  • Ekoin was originally built in order to honor the 100 thousand victims of the great fire disaster of 1657. Since then, Ekoin has continued to accept the souls of the deceased, accepting all religions ...
  • Zojo Ji

  • Temples ( Hamamatsucho )
  • The Zojo-ji temple is located right next to the Tokyo Tower. Built in 1393, the heavy construction gives the grounds an immediate sense of gravitas. Not only is Zoji-ji the head-temple for the Pure...
  • Engakuji

  • Temples ( Yokohama )
  • One of Kamakura's most impressive temples, Engakuji consists of an array of temples and buildings sprawling up a hillside. The setting is pretty, especially in early summer when the hydrangea are in b...
  • Kawasaki Daishi

  • Temples ( Gotanda )
  • Constructed in 1128, the grounds of Kawasaki Daishi are filled with a variety of Buddhist buildings, each exuding a dignified air. Many people come to pray for blessings and protection against car ac...
  • Hase Dera

  • Temples ( Yokohama )
  • Built in 736, Hase-dera is an old temple, even for Kamakura. Fresh blossoms adorn the grounds, and change with the seasons. The observation deck offers a wonderful view of the ocean. The temple has s...
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  • Temple yoga at Entsuji

  • Classes-Yoga, Temples ( Ueno, Asakusa )
  • Enjoy a wonderful yoga experience in a Japanese temple! Entsuji Sotoshu is a temple of Zen buddhism located in Asakusa area. Hatha yoga classes are held on the second and fourth Sunday at 3pm and 5pm...
  • Narita-san Betsu-in Temple

  • Temples ( Others )
  • An annex of Chiba's Narita-san Shin-shoji, Kawagoe's temple is smaller and usually visited as part of a tour of four temples in the area. It is also known for the antique fair held on the 28th of each...
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