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  • Kuya

  • Japanese Sweets ( Ginza )
  • I've eaten more than my fair share of daifuku and manjyu since I first tried them, but I have to confess, monaka never really topped my list. It's one of those things that you can find in Asian superm...
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  • Mamegen

  • Japanese Sweets ( Azabu-juban )
  • I was told this was a VERY famous establishment for seasoned snacks, senbei, etc. Once I arrived and sampled I understood why. The store itself is always busy. I don't know why there is a lunch and di...
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  • R Style

  • Japanese Sweets ( Harajuku )
  • I'm not a big fan of traditional Japanese sweets, but this place was impressive for its presentation and service. All the desserts and finalized when you order so it takes little longer. But they s...
  • Shio-Daifuku Hojuan

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Japanese Sweets ( Ikebukuro )
  • Shio-Daifuku is a small stand at the junction of Tobu Mall and Metropolitan Plaza at Ikebukuro Station. The gentleman behind the kiosk sells all kinds of filled mochi in gift-wrapped packages. It tend...
  • Tsutsujiya

  • Japanese Sweets, Take out ( Ikebukuro )
  • Dorayaki with creative fillings (custard cream, matcha cream and the like) and other Japanese sweets.
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  • Japanese Cooking Class Tokyo in Tsukiji

  • Classes-Cooking, Japanese Sweets ( Tsukiji )
  • Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo, Japan around in the Tsukiji Ginza area. The classes include a visit to a Japanese home where you will learn how to cook various dishes traditionally eaten by families ...
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  • Rapoppo

  • Japanese Sweets ( Shinjuku )
  • A confectioner famous for potato apple pie. Just follow the sweet smell through the station and it will lead you to Rapoppo. Rapoppo's goal is to deliver healthy and natural sweets. Lots of Tokyoites,...
  • Shiono

  • Japanese Sweets ( Tameikesanno )
  • Nama-gashi (Fresh Japanese cake) is one of the specialties at Shiono, a Japanese sweet shop located near Akasaka station. A predominantly female crowd of all ages polishes the day's offerings and by e...
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  • Yume no mata Yume

  • Desserts, Japanese Sweets ( Hiroo )
  • I've been told that sweet potato desserts are famous in Japan. This trendy place sells the best sweet potato pudding and pound cakes in Tokyo! I tried their pudding and oh man it was almost like a dre...
  • Toraya: Roppongi

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Japanese Sweets ( Roppongi )
  • Monaka, Yokan, and Dorayaki are the three most popular Japanese sweets or wagashi. Toraya, founded over 500 years ago, is a famous spot for Yokan and Dorayaki.
  • Chibaya

  • Japanese Sweets ( Asakusa )
  • Usagiya

  • Japanese Sweets ( Akihabara )
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  • Naniwaya

  • Japanese Sweets ( Azabu-juban )
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