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  • St. Moritz Eco

  • Love Hotels ( Ueno )
  • The second <a href=""><strong>replica rolex watches</strong></a> called the Berkeley Renaissance Duke D2R features a total of ...
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  • Yamashiroya

  • Kids & Infants, Anime Merchandise, Fun Shops ( Ueno )
  • Yamashiroya is a little crowded but I think worth the stop. Again, I can't keep myself away from toy stores. Even if I don't buy anything, I can't help but look around and enjoy what they have to of...
  • Ueno Zoo

  • Zoos ( Ueno )
  • I went to Ueno Zoo after going to see the Cherry Blossoms. It wasn't too crowded, which was a nice change. It has a very nice layout, and has several species, several of which you will not see in the ...
  • Tokyo National Museum

  • Museums ( Ueno )
  • This museum is so large that one day wouldn't be enough to see everything. The displays happen in five separate halls, and at any one time one can see about three thousand of their pieces. The whole c...
  • Ueno Koen

  • Parks & Nature ( Ueno )
  • Tokyo's most popular park, home to historic statues, shrines, museums, art galleries, a zoo, a lotus-filled pond, a large homeless population, and Tokyo's biggest cherry blossom festival.
  • St. Moritz Honten

  • Love Hotels ( Ueno )
  • Pretty darn good, we stayed in room 131. Beautiful, comfortable. free tv (savoy hotel you must pay 100yen for 40 min.) the bed was huge, massage and recline automated. There was a control panel for ac...
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  • Hard Rock Cafe : Ueno

  • Bars, American, Steak ( Ueno )
  • The place have 2 entrances, one for the Bar, and other for the goods shop. The bar have a very loud music so you need scream to talk with your friend. The food is really good, but a little expensive....
  • Otoya: Okachimachi

  • Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Ueno )
  • Otoya is a tradition Japanese tei-shoku (meal set) with a healthy twist: all items are conveniently tagged with a calorie count, and overly heavy or fatty sauces aren't used. The food was really delic...
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  • == Closed == Savoia: Ueno

  • Italian ( Ueno )
  • After a morning at the Tokyo National Museum, we were glad to find Savoia in Ueno Park. While in a very busy area on a sunny Saturday, we were still able to find seating inside and outside of the rest...
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  • Ondine

  • Bakery ( Ueno )
  • The best prices for bread I've seen anywhere, really, although Pan Doll in obscure Ontakesan station in Ota-ku still beats everyone else at night-time service (200 yen for 5 pieces). Anyways, ther...
  • Suzumoto Engeijyo

  • Theaters ( Ueno )
  • At this comedy theatre, I saw Kanjiyama Mime's "Kanjiyama no Pantomimu na tabe." The show was really interesting and had something for everyone. Getting to the theatre was easy, I walked...
  • Tokyo University

  • Landmarks & Historical Places ( Ueno )
  • I went to the campus by bicycle on a random Wednesday afternoon, but there was absolutely nobody around. It was towards the end of semester, and a friend of mine said that perhaps the students just d...
  • Kitayama Coffee: Ueno

  • Coffee, Cafes ( Ueno )
  • off-white base <a href=""><strong>swiss replica watches</strong></a> and three black sub-dials. The going seconds hand is sho...
  • Kyu Iwasakitei Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Ueno )
  • The place is decent. Outside were art or architecture students studying the building. It's basically like walking through a castle or building in one of the European countries, if you've ever been, ex...
  • The National Museum of Western Art

  • Museums, Architecture ( Ueno )
  • You're greeted immediately by Rodin sculpture, which turns out to be a theme at NMWA. According to a guide, the museum's pride is its permanent Rodin and Monet collections. The NMWA also regularly hos...
  • Hokuo: Ueno

  • Bakery ( Ueno )
  • This is a bakery within Ueno Station. The melon bread was particularly good, and not at all expensive. When I went there wasn't much of a selection, but this is probably because I went in the late aft...
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  • Daiki

  • Ramen ( Ueno )
  • Daiki was featured on Japanese national television in 2001, and since than has remained well known for delicious ramen. The outside of Daiki looks like any other ramen shop, except that it has a 15...
  • Ueno Onshi Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Ueno )
  • This park is decent, but not great. There is however, a giant lotus pond surrounding an octagonal building on a causway. From this park, you can see one of the most intriguing examples of modern arc...
  • The National Science Museum

  • Museums ( Ueno )
  • Yeah, I didn't enjoy this one. I came to see dinosaurs bones in fact and there's not so much. Most everything is in Japanese and it's hard to understand what you deal with. It's okay for the wild...
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  • McDonald's: Ueno park

  • Fast Food ( Ueno )
  • I would find it easier to hate on McDonalds if other restaurants would start serving 100 yen coffee, 100 soft serve, and 100 yen hamburgers. I have yet to be tempted to have a full meal at any McDonal...
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