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  • Ganso Ebisu Ramen

  • Ramen ( Asakusa )
  • I have consistently had amazing ramen here. But then one day my daughter got really sick after eating here. I'm not sure what it was, but she said it tasted pretty weird. I still like this restaurant,...
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  • Daikokuya

  • Tempura ( Asakusa )
  • Just need to queue outside on the bench for maybe 3 to 5mn. Who cares! It's delicious. Location is great. Service is fast and good. Staff is dedicated. Clients are a mix of tourists and locals.
  • Otoya: Okachimachi

  • Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Ueno )
  • Otoya is a tradition Japanese tei-shoku (meal set) with a healthy twist: all items are conveniently tagged with a calorie count, and overly heavy or fatty sauces aren't used. The food was really delic...
  • Aoi Maru Shin

  • Tempura ( Asakusa )
  • I ordered "Oebi tendon," 1,680yen. Delicious. It arrived with miso soup, green tea, and pickled greens. Two huge shrimp lying across the bowl, along with sweet potato and tempura jalapeo. Ev...
  • Katsukichi

  • Tonkatsu ( Asakusa )
  • For those that enjoy a good fried katsu, this is the place to be! The owner is a legend in the world of miso katsu. He appeared in many TV shows testing the temperature of the hot oil with bare finger...
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  • Sometaro: Asakusa

  • Okonomiyaki, Monja ( Asakusa )
  • The food at this restaurant is reasonably priced and quite tasty. Though not the best okinomiyaki in the world, the friendly helpful staff and English menu/instruction guide offer a easy, painless int...
  • Toriyanse

  • Ramen ( Asakusa )
  • A really nice Ramen Shop in the middle of Asakusas Shin-Nakamise-Street. If you are able to get a seat in the first floor the atmoesphere is quite nice. The higher floors aren't too nice. They also se...
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  • Yoroiya

  • Ramen ( Asakusa )
  • Yoriya is in a perfect location for the tourist visiting the Sensoji Temple of Asakusa. Located just around the corner on the right of one of the small intersections near the main part of the temple ...
  • Namiki Yabusoba

  • Soba ( Asakusa )
  • There's something about Namiki Yabusoba that makes it feel like you've just walked into a soba restaurant in old Edo. Or, at least, there's something about it that makes it feel like the set of a well...
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  • Daiki

  • Ramen ( Ueno )
  • Daiki was featured on Japanese national television in 2001, and since than has remained well known for delicious ramen. The outside of Daiki looks like any other ramen shop, except that it has a 15...
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  • Sengoku Ramen: Asakusa

  • Ramen ( Asakusa )
  • I came here with a friend. They have great prices for the very hungry. 800 yen gets you a huge bowl of ramen, so make sure you have a big appetite. My friend and I could only finish half of each of ou...
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  • McDonald's: Ueno park

  • Fast Food ( Ueno )
  • I would find it easier to hate on McDonalds if other restaurants would start serving 100 yen coffee, 100 soft serve, and 100 yen hamburgers. I have yet to be tempted to have a full meal at any McDonal...
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  • Gun Part 2

  • Okonomiyaki, Monja ( Ueno )
  • Located on a small street away from the hustle and much bustle of the ameyoko area, Gun Part II is a little restaurant not worth much attention. This is another cook it yourself Japanese restaurant on...
  • Mutsumi

  • Traditional Japanese ( Asakusa )
  • Located a short walk from sensoji temple, Matsumi is a small traditional Japanese restaurant where you have to take over your shoes and sit on the tatami floor. When I walked in around 12:30 on a Thur...
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  • Amenbou Ramen

  • Ramen ( Ueno )
  • This restaurant looked appetizing and friendly from the outside. The menu was filled with photos so ordering was easy. However, while the ramen came quickly, I didn't think that the taste just was t...
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  • Tenya: Ueno

  • Tempura, Fast Food ( Ueno )
  • This tempura/tempura donburi chain restaurant has nearly 100 branches in the metropolitain area. Until Tenya’s conception in 1989, tempura was thought of as a ‘traditional’ food with a high-clas...
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  • Nabezo

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Asakusa )
  • Nabe restaurant serving four kinds of all you can eat hot pots: sukiyaki, shabu shabu, shio-tonkotsu, and kimchi. Each course, with unlimited meat, broth and 20 kinds of fresh vegetables, is 1890 yen,...
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  • Oedo: Okachimachi

  • Conveyor Belt Sushi ( Ueno )
  • This reasonably priced conveyor belt is priced from 136 yen per dish. The most popular Sushi, Chuu Toro (medium fat tuna), is only 315 yen. They have a very clean and inviting atmosphere but it is not...
  • Heiroku Sushi: Okachimachi

  • Conveyor Belt Sushi ( Ueno )
  • Heiroku Sushi has been in business for over 35 years, and is a kaiten-sushi restaurant where you can enjoy pre-Edo style sushi in a relaxed atmosphere. Besides from the sushi going around, you can of ...
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