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  • Ippudo: Waseda

  • Ramen ( Waseda )
  • I like the flavor of the ramen soups at this place... but they are so thick that i can barely get through one bowl! It's really tasty though and i highly recommend it to anyone who loves ramen! It was...
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  • St.Mary's Cathedral

  • Churches-Catholic, Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Waseda )
  • While I'm all about checking out churches and religious sites in other countries, this one was kinda over my head. I mean, I can appreciate the beauty and architectural ingenuity from the outside. B...
  • Gokokuji Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Waseda )
  • Gokokuji Park is located right outside of exit 2 of Gokokuji Station in (you guessed it!) Gokokuji. It has a few entrances, but this particular one features gods on the left and right of the entrance ...
  • Gokokuji Temple

  • Temples ( Waseda )
  • Gokokuji Temple is a bit ordinary on the outside (gorgeous, certainly, but in a very traditional way). But its insides (which, incidentally cannot be photographed) are gorgeous and the temple itself i...
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  • Tokyo Rakkyo Brothers

  • Curry ( Waseda )
  • [b][url=]migliori beats by dre[/url][/b] [b][url=]migliori beats by dre[/url][/b] <strong><a href="http://it.cheapbe...
  • Honjo-ji Temple

  • Temples ( Waseda )
  • Honjo-ji Temple’s surrounding garden is under construction right now so be prepared for a not-so-serene experience. The temple was closed but most people (the few who were there) were visiting the c...
  • Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Waseda )
  • As the only theatre museum in Japan, the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum is devoted entirely to the study of the history of drama, and offers excellent facilities for fostering the theatrical cultur...
  • Tempura Imo ya

  • Tempura ( Waseda )
  • This tempura restaurant can only sit about 10 people at its counter. The interior doesn't look very new, but since it's kept spotlessly clean, even women won't mind dropping in. The menu consists of t...
  • Ogasawara Hakushakutei

  • Spanish, Michelin ( Waseda )
  • Ogasawara Hakushakutei is based off of a spacious Spanish house established in 1927. The building is divided into a restaurant and bar/cafe area, with elegant furnishings. Only lunch courses and dinne...
  • Le Dessin 

  • French ( Waseda )
  • Le Dessin is a nice place to enjoy a slow meal with small groups - max capacity is 14. Authentic French cuisine from 2,000yen at lunch and 4,000yen at dinner. A wood-themed, comfortable interior. Rese...
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  • Masutoh Liquor Shop

  • Cigars & Tobacco, Liquor ( Waseda )
  • Masutoh carries over 4000 bottles of wine from around the world which are kept in humidity and temperature controlled cellars. They also stock over 150 kinds of premium cigars.
  • Five Hundred Cafe

  • Bars, Darts & Pools ( Waseda )
  • The Five Hundred Cafe is a darts bar complete with a 100-inch screen TV, plenty of boards, and party plans to keep you going. If ordering a la carte, everything costs 500 yen.
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  • Bahai Faith

  • Religious-Others ( Waseda )
  • The Bahai faith believes in the teachings of Baha'u'llah, who said that there is only one God and one human family. They offer spiritual guidance and moral directives.
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  • Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language

  • Japanese Language Schools ( Waseda )
  • I have studied here few years ago and I really recommend this school. It is about 10 minutes walking from Waseda station where the famous Waseda university is. It has a very nice and homey atmospher...

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