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  • Yodobashi Camera :Yokohama

  • Consumer Electronics ( Yokohama )
  • The best place to buy electronics. I wish we had a comparable store in Hawaii with comparable selection and the low prices they charge. They are top notch. Someone should convince them to open stor...
  • Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

  • Aquariums ( Yokohama )
  • Dolphins! and more. This is the perfect place for a nice and relaxing date on a weekday. There weren't very many people so the lines for rides were incredibly short. But, as with all them parks, ...
  • The Landmark Tower

  • Night View Spots ( Yokohama )
  • This was a fun little stop in Yokohama. It has one of the fastest elevators in the world sending you up at incredible speeds. If you have the chance for beautiful weather you can see Mt. Fuji very ...
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  • Ramen Museum

  • Museums, Ramen, One Day Experience ( Yokohama )
  • Who: Myself, Den Leader, and Son's Cub Scout friends Wear: Casual Why: We were in Yokohama and hungry Verdict: GO!!!!!! Visiting this place was totally worth it. So quirky and well-constructed as onl...
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  • Step Up Learning Centre

  • Childrens classes, Preschools / International schools / Kindergartens, Classes-Arts and Crafts ( Yokohama )
  • Step up Learning Centre, is an English conversation school that offers a great flexible service to all there customers.
  • Kotoku In

  • Temples ( Yokohama )
  • First and've made the trip all the way out out the pocket change to go inside the buddha. It's really interesting to see how such a large sculpture is constructed and aft...
  • Steak Mountain

  • Fast Food, Steak ( Yokohama )
  • Selection is simple: there's like, 5 things you could choose from, all of which are prettily pictured/modeled. one is spicy (and it's actually spicy, so that's a great shock); i supposed you could com...
  • Ciel: Phytotherapy Salon

  • Massage ( Yokohama )
  • so elegant so amazing. i went to this salon on January. i had good impression with shop girls. little bit expensive isn't it?
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  • Fugetsu: Yokohama

  • Okonomiyaki, Monja ( Yokohama )
  • A great restaurant?they make the okonomiyaki to order right in front of you on a grill built into your table (watch your legs under the table). I got the Yasaitama (pumpkin, cabbage, pickled radish, o...
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  • Junoesque Bagel Shop :Yokohama

  • Bakery, Food-Others ( Yokohama )
  • A small open shop within the station, this is a great place to try a variety of Japanese bagels. Fruit flavors, chocolatey bagels, and savory ones like soy and wasabi, etc. The shop also features a va...
  • Rinko Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Yokohama )
  • This park is huge and right on the harbor. It contains plenty of walking paths, trees, grass, and flowers, along with a multitude of man-made lakes and pools (not for swimming). On a Wednesday afterno...
  • Manyo Club: Yokohama Minato Mirai

  • Super Sentos ( Yokohama )
  • The place is nice even if quite expensive. Gets rather crouded in peak time. The views from rotenburo (on balconies) and from the rooftop (where they have a circular foot bath) are great: you can see ...
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  • Kirin City: Yokohama

  • Beer Bars ( Yokohama )
  • This bar is owned by Kirin, and thus serves only Kirin brews. Fortunately, they have multiple Kirin beers on tap. This includes a stout, a lager, a German-style beer, and the classic. The beer is well...
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  • Santon

  • Chinese ( Yokohama )
  • I have had the pleasure of lunch at Santou several times and most recently after a recent business meeting in Yokohama. It is a small, slightly dingy but authentic Chinese restaurant (including a seat...
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  • bills

  • Australian ( Yokohama )
  • For those who don't know, Bill Granger is a well known Australian chef/café owner, with boyish good looks and a dazzling smile, who has published quite a few cook books. He offers a breezy, laid back...
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  • D's Sweet Marche

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Desserts ( Yokohama )
  • avg price: 350 yen This place has the cheapest crepes I have ever seen! I mean, not that there's much of a difference, only by 80 to 120 yen, but still, if you buy a lot of crepes, that difference ...
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  • Soup Stock: Yokohama

  • Cafes, Vegetarian & Healthy, Fast Food ( Yokohama )
  • This location of the popular soup chain is kind of a counter in the outside wall of Yokohama Station. It displays all of its soups through the window and you can line up, choose, and pay at the regist...
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  • Milky Soft

  • Cafes, Desserts ( Yokohama )
  • A small, quiet shop with outdoor seating?this place has amazing parfaits. It also serves simple ice cream cones in a few flavors, but the parfaits are worth it. They feature multiple ice creams, biscu...
  • Mother's Crepe

  • Ice Cream, Desserts ( Yokohama )
  • The really amazing part about this store is the display case; each item individually boxed and perfectly represented... to the main dish, average price is 500 yen. there's the option of crepe or wa...
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  • Al Ain

  • Mediterranean, Turkish ( Yokohama )
  • The owner/chef of this place is a really great guy. We threw a party here for 20 people and he was so flexible and accommodating. The food was so delicious: soft fluffy pita, chicken that melted off ...
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