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Sakura Hotel: Hatagaya ( Hostels / Yoyogiuehara )

Sakura Hotel: Hatagaya / Hostels / Tokyo
  • Business and leisure travelers -- look no further! Affordable rooms five minutes from Shinjuku station! Complimentary breakfast and wireless interet. Recommended by the Lonely Planet.
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  • Primary Care Tokyo: Shimokitazawa

  • Clinic-Others, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics ( Shimokitazawa )
  • Joe is the greatest since HS at ASIj!! The most admirable and most respected in his skills at that age!! Believe me, you can trust this man, mon amie!!
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  • Kijima clinic

  • Pediatrics, Clinic-Others ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • A very nice little clinic. Doctor Kijima speaks very good English and was able to write a clean bill of health for me and the cost of the letter was only 1800 yen, I was quoted 5,000yen from other cli...
  • Life

  • Italian ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • A pretty good Italian. Specialises in Slow Food. They make only 6 pizza doughs a day, so you want to get there early if you're going to get a pizza. Excellent pastas.
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  • Irako Clinic

  • Dermatology, Allergy & Immunology ( Shimokitazawa )
  • The doctor is very friendly and intelligent. The reception staff don't speak English, but it's not a big problem since Irako-sensei is fluent. Definitely worth going to if you live close to this are...
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  • Ivan Ramen: Kyodo

  • Ramen ( Shimokitazawa )
  • This is some damn good ramen. I came here out of curiosity to see the foreigner chef doing ramen, but after the fact, all i can think of is the soup. Most ramen hits you in the face with flavor. The ...
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  • Liaison

  • French ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • One of my loyal readers pointed out to me the other day that, in a manner of boring consistency, I only seem to write about French restaurants. Alors ma chere Midori, I agree that these fantastic esta...
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  • Taka's Sakuraghaya Animal Hospital

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Shimokitazawa )
  • really can trust setagaya pet vet? i been 4 pet in setagaya all turn strange or price toocrazy or incorrect health checkand end this hosptal in youga animal kill my pet without meal and water ...
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  • Ciappuccino: Yoyogi Uehara

  • Bakery ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • Ciappuccino specializes in three things: Sweet and savory pancakes, cupcakes, and whoopie pies.
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  • Arms

  • American ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • I had seen several good write-ups about ARMS, so I was looking forward to trying their hamburgers. I've actually never been part of the burger crowd, but things can change after 10 years of living in...
  • Levain

  • Bakery, Cafes, Vegetarian & Healthy ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • Levain is considered one of Tokyo's top bread bakeries. They make a variety of breads using slow rising methods, as well as quick breads and sweet treats. They are known for being one of the pioneer b...
  • La Casquette

  • French ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • This cozy bistro in Hatsudai attracts crowds with its excellent French cuisine and reasonable prices, with the 1890 yen lunch course especially popular.
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  • Tokyo Jamii Mosque

  • Mosques ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • Tokyo Mosque is the oldest mosque in Tokyo, built in 1938. However, it was demolished in 1986. It was rebuilt again and has been open since June 2000. There is Jum'ah Prayer and Daily Prayer.
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  • Fuku

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • Located on Jizou Street, Fuku is a subdued, sophisticated kushiyaki and yakitori restaurant. It features a stylish exterior, and high ceilings give it a nice ambiance. Because of its location, the cli...
  • Sasagin: Yoyogi

  • Izakaya, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • Sasagin is a prime destination for those looking to try a lot of different sake without breaking the bank. The owner, Narita-san, is extremely knowledagable and speaks some English. You can order a fu...
  • Momuu

  • Aesthetics, Massage ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • Momuu offers aromatherapy and esthetic salon services to men and women, and is especially popular for their bridal services. Their aromatherapy massages blend the English holistic approach to aromathe...
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  • Karaoke no Tetsujin Shimokitazawa

  • Karaoke ( Shimokitazawa )
  • Enjoy karaoke like a celebrity in an exquisite VIP-Room. Every room has the special “Tetsujin System” with over 50.000 songs. There is nearly no song you can’t sing! You can use the party roo...
  • Bear Pond Espresso

  • Cafes, Coffee ( Shimokitazawa )
  • Bear Pond Espresso is rumored to serve some of the best espresso in the city. This is a shop that takes coffee seriously, with several vintage coffees on offer. Espresso shots available only when the ...
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