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Joining a tour is a great way to see Japan, and with the amazing variety of packages available there is truly something for everyone: half-day specialized excursions, 9-day tours of the country, and everything in between!

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Tokyo 1 Day Kimono Workshop ! (Take home your brand new yukata!)

Period: Wednesdays & Fridays (Except for Aug. 8,13,15; Dec. 31; Jan. 2,16; Feb. 13; Mar. 20)

19,000 yen
When people think of traditional Japanese clothing, images of kimonos first pop into their minds. Unfortunately, in today's modern world, opportunities to wear kimonos are becoming fewer and fewer. Consequently, many Japanese have begun wearing Yukat...
Tokyo 1 Day Experience half-day Aikido Discipleship

Period: Tuesdays & Thursdays (Except for Aug. 12,14; Sep. 23; Dec. 23,25,30; Jan. 1; May 5)

10,000 yen
Aikido is a type of martial arts in which anyone can participate. Aikido masters in this Dojo (a place for practicing martial arts) will teach you many aspects of Aikido, for example, how to wear Dogi (training clothes) and how to bow. Once inside th...
Tokyo 1 Day Ninja

Period: Sundays (Except for Sep. 7; Dec. 28; Jan. 4)

15,000 yen
Ninjas are often portrayed as supermen who carry out undercover espionage operations, making full use of phenomenal physical abilities and various ninjutsu (ninja techniques). Don't you want to find out who they really are? Experience and feel the ni...
Tokyo 1 Day Japanese handmade washi paper & Kite- making

Period: Tuesdays (Except for Apr. 29; May 6; Jul. 29; Aug. 5; Dec. 16,23,30; Jan. 6,13)

9,800 yen
This program provides you with the opportunity to make "Washi" (Japanese paper), wood-block prints and kites all at once. You will be fortunate enough to make Washi at a Washi shop established in 1653! After that, you will visit the Museum of Kites w...
Tokyo 1 Day Let's Learn! Japanese Classical Dance

Period: Sundays (Except for Jul. 6,13,20; Aug 24,31; Sep. 7; Oct. 26; Nov. 9,23; Feb. 15)

12,900 yen
Through nihonbuyo (Japanese classical dance), you will discover one of the many fascinating aspects of Japanese culture. In this tour you will learn to dance whilst wearing a traditional Japanese yukata (summer kimono). This program offers you the ra...
Tokyo 1 Day Samurai Sword Action

Period: Sundays & Tuesdays (Except for Sep. 28,30; Oct. 26; Dec. 30)

12,000 yen
You will learn how to fight using a Samurai sword from a group of experts led by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, the head choreographer in the swordfight scene in the snowy garden in "Kill Bill: Volume One" and the man who played the role of Crazy 88 (Miki) in t...
Tokyo 1 Day Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony - Bring you the another world

Period: Friday, Saturday, and Sundays (Except for Oct.; Jan. 2,3,4)

20,000 yen
Tea ceremony has been a Japanese tradition for over 400 years. Tea Ceremony is not just about drinking Matcha tea- it is also about the "Teishu," (host) offering hospitality to the "Kyaku" (guest). Chaji is communicating with others with a caring and...
Tokyo 1 Day Discover the Secrets of Soba Making From a Sobalier

Period: Every Saturday

15,000 yen
From how to make soba to how to eat it, you will learn about this Japanese noodle from an expert named sobalier. Believe it or not but the taste of soba varies depending on the way you eat it. Learning the correct way to eat this healthy noodle will ...
Tokyo 1 Day Traditional accessory craft -Make original accessories with kimono fabrics-

Period: Every second & fourth Tuesday@(Except for Apr. 29 and Sep. 23)

9,900 yen
Chirimen is a smooth, beautiful silk fabric that has been used in the making of Kimonos since the Edo Period (more than 300 years ago). Women used to sew pieces of scrappy Chirimen cloth together to make flowers, birds, animals, dolls and toys. These...
Tokyo 1 Day Samurai Armor Workshop

Period: Sundays (except for Sep. 7; Dec. 28; Jan. 4)

19,800 yen
Do you want wear Samurai armor in the middle of Tokyo? In this program, you will not only wear the armor and have your photos taken but you will also learn how to fight whilst wearing them and also learn about weapons used during the samurai era. Don...
11 - 20 of 32
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