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Joining a tour is a great way to see Japan, and with the amazing variety of packages available there is truly something for everyone: half-day specialized excursions, 9-day tours of the country, and everything in between!

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Tokyo 1 Day Pop Culture Experience in Akihabara

Period: Sundays (Except for Apr. 27; May 18; Jun. 8,22; Jul. 27; Aug. 3,31; Sep. 7,14,21; Dec. 7,21,28; Jan. 4)

4,800 yen
An American "otaku" dressed as a cartoon character will walk you through the town of Akihabara, Tokyo's world famous Electric Town and seat of "otaku" hardcore fan culture. He will show you aspects of the town that are definitely not explained in gui...
Tokyo 1 Day Everyday Japanese Cooking

Period: Every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (Except for Aug. 27,28,29; Oct. 29,30,31; Dec. 31; Jan. 1,2)

15,900 yen
What comes to your mind when you think of "Japanese food"? Sushi, tempura, sukiyaki? You may be surprised to learn that Japanese people do not often eat these well-known dishes at home. At home, Japanese people invent new dishes by combining traditio...
Tokyo 1 Day Shamisen

Period: Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday (Except for Sept.13)

11,000 yen
The shamisen is a traditional Japanese, three-stringed musical instrument. There are several types of shamisen, each one used in different genres of music. In this program a friendly instructor will teach you how to play the shamisen. This class is s...
Tokyo 1 Day Handmade Japanese Paper Art

Period: Monday through Friday

9,800 yen
Design and make your own Japanese Washi paper. Create an intricate pattern by placing origami paper and thread on your handmade Washi paper. Practice a delicate Japanese art form in a shop established in 1653. Suitable for all the family.
Tokyo 1 Day Sumi-e Painting

Period: Monday through Friday (Except for Apr. 10, 28; May 26; Sep. 29; Nov. 6,13,19,20,21,24,25,26; Dec. 30,31; Jan. 1,2)

7,500 yen
Appreciate Japanese stillness by leisurely painting "sumi-e" (ink and wash painting). Then, enjoy talking with the instructor about Japanese traditional culture, while having Japanese green tea and confectionery.
Tokyo 1 Day Japanese Incense Ceremony

Period: Wednesdays (Except for 10/1, 11/5, 12/10)

7,500 yen
The incense ceremony stresses listening to incense instead of just smelling it. It enhances one's sensibility and mindfulness toward the fragrance of the incense and its material. In this session, you will learn the history and use of a variety of ...
Tokyo 0 Day Survival Japanese for Travelers

Period: Monday & Friday

5,500 yen
You can enjoy your time in Japan much more if you know some simple Japanese expressions. This class is intended for those who have no knowledge of Japanese language. It is taught by a Japanese instructor fluent in English. After a classroom lesson, y...
Tokyo 0 Day Wear a Kimono around Asakusa!

Period: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday (Except for Jan. 2)

16,800 yen
Why not stroll through the streets of historical Asakusa dressed in kimono? In this program, participants wear furisode ? elegant and expensive long-sleeved kimono that are only worn at formal occasions, for example, at weddings. A kitsuke (kimono dr...
Tokyo 1 Day Sushi Making Experience and Tsukiji Fish Market Tour From:
14,500 yen
Try your hand at making sushi in Tsukiji, famous for the world's largest fish market! A professional teacher will instruct you as to how to make sushi, which you can then enjoy for lunch!
Tokyo 1 Day Experience Japanese Calligraphy

Period: Tue: Jan. 20-Dec.22 (except May5 5; Aug. 11; Sep. 22; Nov. 3)

9,800 yen
Experience Japanese calligraphy and learn not only how to write characters with a brush, but also about its spiritual dimensions.
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