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Joining a tour is a great way to see Japan, and with the amazing variety of packages available there is truly something for everyone: half-day specialized excursions, 9-day tours of the country, and everything in between!

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Tokyo 1 Day Make Your Own Sushi

Period: Mondays & Wednesdays (Except for Nov. 3)

17,700 yen
From watching the master chef at a sushi restaurant, it may look as though the art of sushi making is effortless. Although, when you try to make sushi yourself, you will realize just how difficult it really is to make perfectly shaped sushi. The art ...
Tokyo 1 Day Japanese Traditional Cooking

Period: Every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month (Except for Dec.26)

30,000 yen
Hifumi- is an exclusive, reservations-only Japanese restaurant. A master Japanese chef, who appeared in the Michelin Guide (the classic guide to exceptional restaurants), will teach you about the rich culture behind Japanese cuisine and how to prepar...
Tokyo 1 Day At Home with Mrs. Shinobu

Period: Tuesday & Thursday (Except for Mar. 18,20; Apr. 29; May 6; Jun. 3,19; Jul. 8,24,29,31; Aug. 19)

23,000 yen
Would you like to visit a typical Japanese home and enjoy the company of a Japanese family? Tea ceremony master Mrs. Shinobu, has graciously opened the door of her home for you. What does a typical room look like? Or a typical bath? Let's have a peek...
Tokyo 1 Day The World of Japanese Calligraphy

Period: Tuesday & Thursday@(Except for Jul. 22,24; Aug. 5,7,12,14; Oct. 14; Dec. 11,25,30; Jan. 1,6,8; Mar. 10; Apr. 30; Jun. 9)

9,800 yen
You may have seen written Kanji (Chinese characters) before but have you ever tried to write them yourself? A single kanji embodies both sound and meaning. These characters give us a glimpse of how people in ancient times felt and viewed things. Afte...
Tokyo 1 Day The Charm of Wind Chimes

Period: Monday & Friday (Jul.1 - Sep. 30; Oct. 13; Nov. 3,24; Dec. 26,29; Jan. 2,5,9,12; Mar.20)

8,900 yen
Would you like to make your very own Japanese wind chime? In Japan, the cool sounds of wind chimes divert us from the heat of summer. In the olden days, craftsmen used to sell chimes in towns across Japan. Shinohara Wind Chimes is the only place in J...
Tokyo 1 Day Who Wants to be Be a Samurai

Period: Jun. 1, 5,15; Jul. 6, 21, 28; Aug. 7,14,21,28; Sep. 1,11,15,23; Oct. 2,13,20,30; Nov. 13,17,24; Dec. 1,11,25,29; Jan. 15,19,29; Feb. 2,11,19,23; Mar. 5,9,20,23

12,900 yen
Through practicing with an imitation sword, you will learn that you don't need strength to slice a Japanese sword in the correct way. Before throwing them yourself, you will also learn how the real ninja use(d) ninja stars. You will soon appreciate w...
Tokyo 1 Day Experience half-day Aikido Discipleship

Period: Tuesdays & Thursdays (Except for Aug. 12,14; Sep. 23; Dec. 23,25,30; Jan. 1; May 5)

10,000 yen
Aikido is a type of martial arts in which anyone can participate. Aikido masters in this Dojo (a place for practicing martial arts) will teach you many aspects of Aikido, for example, how to wear Dogi (training clothes) and how to bow. Once inside th...
Tokyo 1 Day Ninja

Period: Sundays (Except for Sep. 7; Dec. 28; Jan. 4)

15,000 yen
Ninjas are often portrayed as supermen who carry out undercover espionage operations, making full use of phenomenal physical abilities and various ninjutsu (ninja techniques). Don't you want to find out who they really are? Experience and feel the ni...
Tokyo 1 Day Let's Learn! Japanese Classical Dance

Period: Sundays (Except for Jul. 6,13,20; Aug 24,31; Sep. 7; Oct. 26; Nov. 9,23; Feb. 15)

12,900 yen
Through nihonbuyo (Japanese classical dance), you will discover one of the many fascinating aspects of Japanese culture. In this tour you will learn to dance whilst wearing a traditional Japanese yukata (summer kimono). This program offers you the ra...
Tokyo 1 Day Everyday Japanese Cooking

Period: Every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (Except for Aug. 27,28,29; Oct. 29,30,31; Dec. 31; Jan. 1,2)

15,900 yen
What comes to your mind when you think of "Japanese food"? Sushi, tempura, sukiyaki? You may be surprised to learn that Japanese people do not often eat these well-known dishes at home. At home, Japanese people invent new dishes by combining traditio...
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Sakura House

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G-1 International Club
Special Introductory Discount: ALL Include / 1 hour for 12,000yen
Mexico Lindo
Complimentary Guacamole (Half size)
Tempura Fukushima
Complimentary Beer
Seventh Heaven
5,500yen- with 2 Drinks included.
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