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Joining a tour is a great way to see Japan, and with the amazing variety of packages available there is truly something for everyone: half-day specialized excursions, 9-day tours of the country, and everything in between!

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Tokyo 1 Day Taiko Drumming Course & Asakusa Walk

Period: Thursdays (Except for Jul. 31; Aug. 7,14; Jan. 1; Mar. 5; Jul. 30; Aug. 6)

9,800 yen
Taiko drums are considered to be one of the first percussion instruments invented by humans. This tour will lead you to discover the wonders of taiko drums. The tour starts at the Drum Museum where you can observe and touch a collection of drums whic...
Tokyo 1 Day Japanese handmade washi paper & Kite- making

Period: Tuesdays (Except for Apr. 29; May 6; Jul. 29; Aug. 5; Dec. 16,23,30; Jan. 6,13)

9,800 yen
This program provides you with the opportunity to make "Washi" (Japanese paper), wood-block prints and kites all at once. You will be fortunate enough to make Washi at a Washi shop established in 1653! After that, you will visit the Museum of Kites w...
Tokyo 1 Day Half Day Symphonic Tokyo From:
7,500 yen
Make the most of your morning and see Tokyo, old and new, at its most scenic; have the afternoon free to explore! Driving through futuristic Odaiba, you will think you have entered a time warp as you enter the Fukagawa Edo Museum and step back in ti...
Tokyo 1 Day Symphonic Tokyo From:
9,800 yen
One of the fastest way to explore both traditional and neo-futuristic downtown Tokyo in only one day! Board on a bus from Hamamatsucho Terminal which will be driving you to Odaiba Seaside Park and discover onboard a neo-futuristic city as just if you...
Tokyo 1 Day Tokyo Seaside Afternoon

Period: Mar. 1-Nov. 30: Mon, Wed, & Sun

3,500 yen
A feast for lovers of technology! Take a walk to Hinode Pier from Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal to ride the water bus over to the futuristic Odaiba Seaside Park, where you will board the Yurikamome train line to the National Museum of Emerging Science a...
Tokyo 1 Day Sunrise Sumo Tour -Tokyo Tournament-

Period: Jan. 11-25, May 10-24 & Sep. 13-27

9,800 yen
Half Daytouricon_pickup.jpg Experience Japan's national sport, Sumo. This Japanese-style wrestling dates from ancient times and is thus full of rituals. Six tournaments are held each year; Tokyo hosts three tournaments annually. This year, they wil...
Tokyo 1 Day Ghibli Museum Afternoon

Period: Jan. 7-Dec. 25: Mon, Wed, & Fri

6,000 yen
A spellbinding tour that will bring out the child in all of you! Relive the magic of youth with a visit to the popular Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, dedicated to the works of Hayao Miyazaki, Japan's greatest living animated film director. From there, trave...
Sakura House

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G-1 International Club
Special Introductory Discount: ALL Include / 1 hour for 12,000yen
Mexico Lindo
Complimentary Guacamole (Half size)
Tempura Fukushima
Complimentary Beer
Seventh Heaven
5,500yen- with 2 Drinks included.
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