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Suwa Michiko Kodomo Clinic スワミチコこどもクリニック Pediatrics / Hiroo

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  • Different Standards & clever Marketing
  • (2009-08-15)
  • I can only agree with the first review of HalfTokyo, you see differet treatment by coming with Japanese or private health insurance. In addition I have to say that in particular this clinic is advertising that she can speak German, but my impression was, she can not. Again I have to agree with the review before, there are much better choices at Hiro.
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  • Different service standard for different insurance
  • (2009-02-25)
  • It's great to find an English-OK pediatrician that accepts Japanese insurance; however I felt there was a mixed treatment standard here - depending on whether you are using private expat insurance or the Japanese insurance (the private one affording better treatment from the doctor). Even if you have private insurance, why bother to come to this clinic with such an unethical attitude, when there are loads of alternatives in the immediate area?
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