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  • (2018-01-22)
  • what is vet moto in japan? to kill animal? to experiment?to torture? to treat and take care well animal with love or just pet owner pocket money into their pocket? many vet faces and act is real or fake? pet owner who new believe in japan vet should be have heart to save, cure to let them live happily and long and more advise. what about this hospital? youga animal vet is nice at begin but after my pet admitted in without knowing why have to, ill treat her without meal and water and many types blood test even she is fine, livelyof her day by day kill her to be weak making her die and tellus bring her back after a small secret injection on her ,she die after less than half hour or one. ihope vet dont fool foreigner because we can be hurt and hate of japanese vet. be true is what we searching for good vet.
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