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Inage Kaihin Park Pool 稲毛海浜公園プール Water Parks & Pools / Chiba, Narita

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Operated by the city of Chiba, the Inage Kaihin Park opens a water park every summer to delight adults and children alike. Thirteen pools, including waves, race courses and water slides. To get there, take a bus from platform number two by the south exit of the JR Inage-Kaigan station bound for Inage Kaihin Park (稲毛海浜公園入口). During summer 2010, the pool will be open from July 17 to August 31.

Categories Water Parks & Pools
Nearest Station Inage-Kaigan
Address 7-1-1 Takahama, Mihama-ku, Chiba
Telephone 043-247-2771
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 9am-5pm
Price Admission: Adults: 1,100 yen, Highschool students: 800 yen, Elementary and Middle school students: 400 yen, Four years or older: 200 yen.

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