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Ueno Zoo is the oldest zoo in Japan. Founded in 1882, it has grown over the years, and been the flagship of the Japanese zoo world. Now it's home to over 2600 animals from 464 different species and provides visitors with learning experience about the diversity of animals as well as fun and enjoyment.

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Nearest Station Ueno
Address 9-83 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3828-5171
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 9:30am-5:00pm; Closed Mon
Price Admission: Adults(16-64): 600yen, Seniors(65+): 300yen, Students(13-15): 200yen, Children(0-12): Free
Credit Cards Yes

7 Reviews for Ueno Zoo

  • Ueno Zoo
  • (2020-06-26)

  • Ueno Zoo
  • (2009-04-22)
  • I went to Ueno Zoo after going to see the Cherry Blossoms. It wasn't too crowded, which was a nice change. It has a very nice layout, and has several species, several of which you will not see in the average zoo in the United States. I was disappointed that I was unable to see the Giant Panda. I also was somewhat concerned with some of the animals that seemed to be agitated--for example, the two ... Read More

  • Ueno Zoo
  • (2008-10-24)
  • I went to see the Giant Panda, but I was disappointed when I got in I was informed that he died 2 years ago. But this zoo still is the best Zoo in Tokyo. Found many other animals to get some photos and it has a huge park with Lotus Flowers (but i couldnt see the Lotus flow coz its not the right season). Its much better if you go with a kid with you, they love the Mini-Farm place.

  • The best zoo in Tokyo maybe :)
  • (2008-10-23)
  • The Ueno Zoo is a must see if you stay a while in Tokyo. It's quite big and you have a lot of species. You will certainly have to queue to see pandas but for the rest it's ok, you can go in a week end I think. It's all you want for a zoo to be. You have plenty of animals, some souvenirs shops and food ! I love to spend a day in a zoo in family. I didn't go to other zoos in Tokyo so I c... Read More

  • Ueno Zoological Gardens
  • (2008-04-16)
  • The Ueno Zoological Gardens were an excellent way to spend an afternoon, and was big enough to take up an entire afternoon with premises large enough to warrant a west side, an east side, and a monorail connecting the two. The entire zoo is not limited to animals, however; there are many restaurants, cafes, ice cream and popcorn stands, and photo opportunities to be enjoyed, as well as a picturesq... Read More

  • Ueno Zoo
  • (2008-02-10)
  • I went for the panda, but fell in love with the rest. Ling ling, the Chinese panda, is the absolute star and crowd-pleaser at the Ueno zoo. If in doubt, just check out the souvenir stands and you'll realize that most of them have to do with pandas. It was my first time to see a panda, and somehow I pictured them differently (cleaner and whiter for one) and was sort of disappointed at the whole ... Read More

  • Ueno Zoo
  • (2007-10-01)
  • Lions, tigers, and bears, Oh my! The Ueno zoo has it all. They carry a wide variety of animal from all over the world. Your chances of finding your favorite animal here are quite good because it seems that they have acquired many of the favorite animals from the world. Ueno zoo is also very foreigner friendly. They have guide books in several different languages including English and on each cage ... Read More
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