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Kotobuki-ya: Radio Kaikan コトブキヤ ラジオ会館店 Cosplay, Figua / Akihabara

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Kotobukiya, the number one brand for figures, has its direct retail outlet in Akihabara offering one of the best selections of figures in the neighborhood. The store is also known in the area for its wide variety of overseas movie and comic figures.

Categories Cosplay, Figua
Nearest Station Akihabara
Address Akihabara Radio Kaikan 1F・2F, 1-15-16 Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5298-6300
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 10:00am-8:00pm
Credit Cards Yes

5 Reviews for Kotobuki-ya: Radio Kaikan

  • Kotobuki-ya: Radio Kaikan
  • (2020-05-19)

  • Kotobuki-ya: Radio Kaikan
  • (2020-02-08)

  • Kotobuki-ya: Radio Kaikan
  • (2014-11-18)
  • This place was a wonderful store before Radio Kaikan went under rennovation. They moved their store across the street behind Sega now, and is MUCH BIGGER than before. Really worth checking out!

  • Kotobukiya
  • (2009-04-28)
  • This was an adorable store! Perfect for finding a phone charm or for squealing over cute stuff. I was personally delighted with the Ghibli section; it was quite impressive. It had several sections that will appeal to the dork in you. I bought several cute things, like an adorable My Neighbor Totoro lunchbox. Most of the things there are of good quality, but unfortunately that means that it is pret... Read More

  • Kotobuki-ya: Radio Kaikan
  • (2007-10-01)
  • This is a perfect example of an otaku store. Kotobukiya is right outside the JR station entrance and is packed with customers and of course, otaku. There was space between shelves and several cash registers so you don't have to wait. Kotobukiya carries a wide range of figurines from Disney characters to Star Wars, Totoro, and women figurines. They also have many action hero and villain otaku inclu... Read More
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