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Don Quijote ドンキホーテ Fun Shops / Akihabara

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  • Almost everything you need
  • (2009-09-04)
  • This is like Walmart (complete with toys, shampoo, electronics, and liquor, although I didn't see any guns) plus a sex shop... with a maid cafe thrown in for fun. We came here looking for tiny screwdrivers for my friend's camera, but only one or two sets would fit a screw that tiny. We also had fun looking at all the well-made costumes (most are maid costumes that cost around 7000 yen).

    Unfortunately, even with all the stuff they sell here, I couldn't find the particular face lotion I needed. Oh well.

    The famous At Home Maid Cafe is located in the Akihabara branch, but we missed last order by a few minutes.

    There is a duty free area for tourists, as well.
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  • Don Quijote
  • (2009-04-22)
  • I was stuck in Akihabara after the last train left, so I wandered into Don Quijote at midnight, and kept myself entertained for hours. The store has an eclectic mix of products that are so randomly placed, it's almost bewildering. The entire store is jam packed with things, and it takes hours to go around and really explore.

    The first level I went to was the grocery store, which had a good range of snacks and drinks. But what made it really interesting was the upper levels. There was a clothing and shoe section (although the sizes are pretty small) and even a small arcade space. There were cutesy products like Hello Kitty, but there were also maid costumes and other various costumes. There was also a shocking amount of stuff that seemed out place--for example, giant butt pillows covered in lingerie next to the bikes. It was an interesting place to pass the time, but was somewhat overwhelming, just because of the sheer amount of stuff.
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