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St. Moritz Honten サンモリッツ Love Hotels / Ueno

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St. Moritz is a leisure hotel offering lots of fun and entertainment. Choose from 5 different levels of room rankings, with all rooms featuring Playstation 2, karaoke, DVD player, cable channels, and costume rentals. The price is very reasonable, and does not change throughout the day.

Categories Love Hotels
Nearest Station Uguisudani
Address 1-3-15, Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5603-0381
Home Page (In Japanese)
Price Admission: Rest (3H) 5,300-7,300yen; Stay 8,300-12,500yen; Service Time 5,300-7,300yen
Credit Cards Yes

2 Reviews for St. Moritz Honten

  • St. Moritz Honten
  • (2021-01-28)

  • Awesome!
  • (2010-12-08)
  • Pretty darn good, we stayed in room 131. Beautiful, comfortable. free tv (savoy hotel you must pay 100yen for 40 min.) the bed was huge, massage and recline automated. There was a control panel for accent lights, beautiful. Plenty of amenities, so if your going in the heat of the moment, you don't need to pack anything! Black lights in the jacuzzi! Definitely one of the best rooms in the hotel, bu... Read More
St. Moritz Eco
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