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Cutie Relax Maid Cafes / Akihabara

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  • Cutie Relax
  • (2019-07-29)
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  • Maid Reflexologie Cutie Relax.
  • (2011-06-11)
  • It you’re a single male in Akihabara, you got to go to a massage parlor. And I defiantly recommend this place.
    At first the location was kind of suspicious. From the street you got to go in to a lonely used electronics corridor until you get to the stairs to the second floor. Past the numerous sex shops at the very end of the hallway is the door. But once inside a lovely Japanese girl dressed in a maid uniform with little cat ears grated me. The place was super clean and decorated with a cute-like theme.

    Before I go any further you might want to take note: Please learn a little bit of Japanese (At least the basics) otherwise the language barrier is going to ruined your experience.
    Plus girls do get really impressed when you speak multiple languages. (I used my poor Japanese, English and Spanish for the Win!)

    Anyway, she directed me to a small bar on my left where she gave me a menu, and I had to specify which service I wanted. I got the feet and back massage (30 min for 5000Y).
    She thanked me very kindly and went to the back room. As I looked around on the right side of the room there where about 4 or 5 half-curtain booths all occupied with middle-aged Japanese business men having a feet or hand massage and all of them talking with the girls.

    After a brief minute she quickly came to escort me to the backroom where the back massage takes place. She told me to take off my shoes, hat (got a sombrero), jacket, and belt (that she “helped me” take off). She told me to lay face down. And before you knew it she was on top of me, talking in mixed English and Japanese.

    After the 30 min, she escorted me to the bar and offered me a drink (Tea, Water or “Sport drink” that’s basically lime flavored soda), gave me a points card for my next visit and her business card where she wrote me a personal message.

    Very nice.
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  • Cutie Relax
  • (2007-10-01)
  • Cutie Relax is a "maid" massage parlor-you can get your hands or feet massaged by girls dressed up as 19th century maids. It's not something that translates well for Americans, but think of it as fetishism divorced from its sexual aspect (or perhaps repressed?). Maid characters appear frequently in anime and manga-innocent, submissive women who have great affection for their masters. Many Japanese men go to institutions like Cutie Relax to see these character in real life. Many come just to chat with the maids, who are usually just as enthusiastic about manga as the clients are.
    Fortunately I know a little Japanese, so I was able to ask my maid about her customers as she gave me a hand massage. Apparently a lot of foreign clients come to the store-Americans, Chinese, Singaporeans-which can lead to awkwardness because of the language barrier-the conversation is almost the main point of the experience. Be aware of this before you try one of these stores.
    Although Cutie Relax is truly just a maid massage parlor-the rooms half curtains that fall halfway, and a sign insists that no illicit activity happens-I couldn't help but associate the store with its surroundings. It's upstairs from a dirty used electronics store and past a grungy corridor of sex shops-I definitely did not feel comfortable.
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