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ACURA Acupuncture Clinic アキュア鍼灸接骨院 Acupuncture / Shibuya

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  • ACURA Acupuncture Clinic
  • (2008-07-09)
  • I had a really bad back pain this morning and my collegue told me that acupuncture works so I went on the internet to do some research to find an English speaking acupuncturist near my office.

    The acupuncturist here spoke fluent English and did an awesome work on my back because I was able to walk without any pain whatsoever as soon as the session ended.

    Really really amazing....acupuncture...

    I could see needles sticking out of my skin...and strangely, not much pain at all.

    Don't really know why it works, but I'm just a happy patient and I thought I should give others with similar pain related issues a chance to try acupuncture.

    Acura acupuncture clinic is the right place to go, at least, it worked wonders for me.
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