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  • Reiki Healing Temple
  • (2017-04-05)
  • I would like to thank you so much for the Reiki session. It was a great experience!
    I really enjoyed it so much. I felt super relaxed and just wanted to sleep. I have been reading about it, and it is a quiet interesting discipline. I hope I can repeat the experience.
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  • What a gem!
  • (2016-10-31)
  • Absolutely fantastic in such a subtle but lasting way. Yuko Sensei was informative, open-minded and intelligent, and used humor to ease my tension at our first meeting before getting into the actual class I had reserved for in Tokyo. Only having read about Reiki and heard from my close friends how wonderful it can be, I was very impressed by Yuko Sensei’s balanced approach for teaching the practice and to know that her lineage could be traced back to the founder, Master Usui. The two weeks spent in Tokyo and Japan was filled with a combination of post-modern, hyper charged metropolis overload with tranquility and tradition that is still very much a part of Japanese society. Yuko Sensei’s craft is not main stream in today’s speed driven culture but it brought a completely different side of this culture to the surface. I recommend everyone who are interested in multi-faceted experience while in Tokyo to connect with Master Yuko as I am so glad I was able to learn from her. The healing session was also memorable because I felt truly relaxed for days after.
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  • Reiki Healing Temple
  • (2014-12-07)
  • I just finished level 1 and 2 with Yoku Sensei ,it was one of the most joyful experience in my life. I feel so lucky that I have the opportunity to take these classes .Its a life changing .experience .thank you Yoku sensei
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  • You must book in a session with Yuko!
  • (2014-03-24)
  • I was only in Japan for 7 days and decided to get a bit of spiritual sunshine. After a bit of research on the intrenet I found Yuko a reiki master, kinesiologist and facial harmony expert so I book myself in for an afternoon of wonderful treatments. Yuko found time for me at very short notice, her directions (first time in tokyo) were so detailed and made the trip really pleasant and her home was a santuary of peace. I had my deepest sleep and ever since have felt so relaxed, calm and attuned. Yuko has wonderful energy, speaks superb english and has such a wonderful talent- am definitely coming back on my next trip back to Tokyo and would highly recommend her. Thank you Yuko! xxx
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  • Reiki Healing Temple
  • (2013-11-06)
  • The Reiki training literally blew me away.
    Yuko is truly heart-centered teacher. She teaches not only Reiki techniques but the profound Japanese philosophy, and has incorporated it into everyday lives. I highly recommend her to everyone who wishes to explore the fascinating world of Reiki.
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  • Reiki Healing Temple
  • (2012-03-08)
  • During my two months stay in Japan, for both travel and work purposes, I wanted to be attuned by a local Reiki Master in Japan, so I asked my insightful friends and found out about Yuko-sensei. I was so intrigued and inspired by the ever evolving rewards from the classes that I took, I am planning for another trip back to Tokyo to take level 3 class, since I finished level 1&2 during the two months in Tokyo.
    Receiving Yuko-sensei's healing sessions, it truly calmed my nerves and senses and it helped center myself so that I could refocus and re-prioritize what is important in my life. In retrospective, the healing sessions and classes absolutely made my visit to Japan more fulfilling. I look forward to my next visit so that I could take the third level class.
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  • Visit to Yuko Sensei in Nakano.
  • (2011-09-10)
  • Upon reading reviews of Certified Reiki Master/Teacher Yuko,I wanted to experience the benefits of her healing sessions myself while in Japan. I am living short term in greater Tokyo, but I wanted to make my trip to Nakano for a visit and it was certainly worth the
    trip and much more! Not only was she warm and comfortable to be around, I left the session feeling the most relaxed I have been since coming to Japan. It felt as if all of my experiences in this country came together and it provided me an opportunity to calmly contemplate upon what I had gained through my stay here. It is my sincere hope that many would try and reap the benefits of her great heeling effects to realize new perspectives for yourselves.
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  • Reiki Healing Temple
  • (2011-05-18)
  • I visited Japan and thought that I should take the opportunity while in Japan to experience Reiki from a true Master. The experience was much more than I expected. It is hard to put it into words how relaxing and stress relieving the session was. Yuko, the Master, is very friendly and warm, so I felt very safe and welcomed upon visiting her in Tokyo. I was tense and felt tired from traveling around in Japan and staying in Tokyo, but thanks to her great healing effect, I felt loose and rested after just an hour of her treatment/session. Thank you Yuko-sensei!
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  • Japan visit
  • (2018-02-03)
  • Thank you for this review. I am also planning a Japan visit (my first!) for the next year and I just have been experiencing a massage with reiki elements. This was amazing (and disturbing for the scientific part of my personality)! So why not receiving reiki from the town where it came from? I will contact Yuko in time and got the reiki temple contact on Facebook.
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