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  • Really kind and helpful
  • (2017-06-16)
  • Dr Keong has not only saved my skin but she's kindly keep sending me my treatment even now I'm in France, with many samples and gifts in the package !!! Thank you so much, I'm deeply grateful !
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  • Garden Clinic Hiroo (Dermatology)
  • (2017-04-17)
  • This is the most ridiculous clinic I have ever seen in my life, I visited this clinic few weeks ago to check for the appointment, the reception told me quite arrogantly that they only take walk in but no appointments, which still acceptable, because i want to have appointment as I have two babies need to take care, if I can have appointment, so I can save a lot of time and babies will not suffer with me to wait and wait in a such a small waiting room in their clinic! But they say no, so that's ok, I called them this morning to check again what time they are not so busy so I can visit, they told me to come to the clinic 15 minutes before it opens, so I did, then 4 people are waiting in front of me, this time the reception girl was helpful, she asked me to go out for a hour then come back at 4pm, so we can see the doctor directly, then we did what she said, hanging around the clinic for another hour, then back to clinic at 3:50, then we were told to wait again, then we need to wait for another half hour until my babies get very tired as 5pm is their bed time and until 4:25, there is no patients in the Doctors room but they all busy with paperworks, no body come to us to explain what happen and every time when I ask how is the progress the answer is need to wait! So at last, this clinic's service is very stubborn, not flexible at all, not looking after people, no empathy for patients who need help, reception is arrogant, definitely not recommended for you to pay a visit, not worth your time, better choose other demonology clinic.
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  • Garden Clinic Hiroo (Dermatology)
  • (2016-07-31)
  • Dr. Keong is a very knowledgeable, efficient doctor (a bit brusque but that's a matter of opinion). I've gone to her multiple times and she is always very quick when it comes to the consultation. She is also excellent at English so as someone who doesn't speak that much Japanese, it's very comforting. My one complaint is privacy; because of the setup of the office and how small it is, you can sometimes overhear consultations being done in the examination room if people are speaking loudly or if you are next in line and seated near the exam room door. Besides that, the staff is friendly, and my skin problems have gotten much better!
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  • Garden Clinic Hiroo (Dermatology)
  • (2013-05-23)
  • Dr Keong is not only a Dermatologist, but a kind, caring and knowledgeable Medical Doctor too. I get prescriptions from her several times even for common illnesses. Paying a visit to Dr Keong definitely gives a healing effect. I feel at ease because the consultations were given fully in English. The consultation fees plus medicine fees are cheaper than the over-the-counter medicine from the pharmacy. Of course, 70% of the fees are covered by my company insurance when I visit the clinic for medicines.
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  • A good experience
  • (2011-03-04)
  • I went in a few days ago to get something with my skin checked. The office had a staff member who could speak basic english. I waited for 5 minutes and I went in and saw Dr.Chin-Huai Keong. In addition to being nice and friendly, she is also very intelligent and professional in her field. She diagnosed my problem and gave me the medication for it. I will have to see if the medicine works and hopefully the problem will go away.

    I would recommend anyone who has a skin problem to see Dr.Chin-Huai Keong at Garden Clinic.
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  • Garden Clinic Hiroo (Dermatology)
  • (2010-03-13)
  • I went for luxury skin care treatment course and laser treatment for a skin growth on my face. The doctor explained to me in a very friendly, polite and understandable way about my treatment. Besides, the interior and the surroundings made me feel very relaxed. My skin condition got so much better after the treatment. I am looking forward to my next visit, this time with one of my colleagues!
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  • Garden Clinic Hiroo (Dermatology)
  • (2010-01-28)

  • The clinic is clean and beautifully decorated . The surroundings makes you feel so relax and calm. The nurses are polite and friendly. The doctor is a very professional doctor who could provide excelant services. The doctor is very friendly person and will describe your medical prescription one by one very clearly. I am satisfied with services given to me so far.
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