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  • Money above the clients
  • (2015-10-26)
  • I can recommend this club only for those who wants to be brought low and loose their money. If you seek for a human attitude, understanding and care, try to find something different.
    Due to health and personal circumstances I'm physically not able to attend the club, last time I came was a month ago. I came as soon as I could to cancel my membership, explained that I won't come anymore and what answer did I hear? "We don't care that you won't come anymore, just pay for October". Nobody cares that I'm physically not able to come, neither in September, nor in October, November, etc. I just wanted to cancel my membership, not to pay for the period I never come!
    Now I have to give my money for nothing, not getting even a mite of comfort, kindness or courtesy in return. Money and 手続き is above the all, above people's needs, circumstances and feelings.
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