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Tokyo Fitness (K.K.)
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Tokyo Fitness is a holistic fitness training company that provides personal training, pilates and group training services in the central Tokyo area. You can train either at home, at an affiliated gym or outdoors. Tokyo Fitness was established in 2004 by a brother-and-sister team from Australia, and all trainers have university degrees or master trainer certificates and provide the latest training techniques.

Categories Fitness Clubs , Classes-Martial Arts
Nearest Station Harajuku, Omotesando, Hiroo
Address Training provided at Golds Gym in Omotesando, at home, or at arisugawa and yoyogi park.
Telephone 090-1775-3867
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours Monday-Saturday 6am-9pm

3 Reviews for Tokyo Fitness (K.K.)

  • Tokyo Fitness (K.K.)
  • (2020-09-10)

  • Tokyo Fitness (K.K.)
  • (2012-06-28)
  • I have been going to their bootcamps since moving to Tokyo and have had both Nathan and Lani as trainers. I really enjoy their classes and have gotten a lot fitter since joining them. I also really like the other women who attend the classes too. The time goes much quicker when you can have a good chat.

Lucy 321
  • Tokyo Fitness (K.K.)
  • (2011-06-25)
  • I attended Tokyo Fitness Boot camps in Arisugawa park for 3 years- amazing! Not as intimidating as I though and i lost weight and toned up! I also personal trained with Nathan who helped me with my back injury and trained through my pregnancy. Highly recommend these guys!!
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