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Cut Salon Salahm カットサロン サラーム Hair Removal / Machiya

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Categories Hair Removal , Hair Salons
Nearest Station Arakawa-itchumae
Address 1-32-2 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.
Telephone 03-3803-2020
Business Hours 10:30 - 20:00. Closed on Mondays, and the 2nd and third Tuesday of every month.

3 Reviews for Cut Salon Salahm

  • Cut Salon Salahm
  • (2021-01-17)

  • Excellent cut-only service at a good price
  • (2012-10-12)
  • I was very pleased with the results of my haircut, which was 1500 yen (men's is 1000 yen). I was a little worried when I walked in and was greeted and brought to the chair with only Japanese...I can conduct pleasantries in Japanese but I didn't know how to explain what haircut I wanted! Fortunately, when I explained what I wanted in English, he immediately switched to English and we continued ch... Read More

  • The 1000 Yen Hair Cut Experience
  • (2012-07-22)
  • By the time we arrived in Tokyo, we'd been traveling for a few weeks and my hair was starting to get a bit long. My wife had heard that I could get a hair cut for 1000 Yen in Tokyo, which is similar to what I'd normally pay back home in Canada. We don't speak Japanese, but we set out to find a suitable place to get my hair cut. We noticed a number of red and blue barber poles as we walked along... Read More
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