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Shingen Japon has plenty of experience in cutting foreign hair, and over half of their clientele comes from abroad. In addition to being a hair salon, they also offer massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, hawaii lomi lomi, nail care, etc.

Categories Hair Salons
Nearest Station Hiroo
Address 5-15-10 Minami-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3441-4117
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 10:00am-7:00pm; Closed on Tue & 3rd Mon
Credit Cards Yes
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  • Stylist / Owner
  • After working for 12 years at Jean-Marc Maniatis's hair salon in Paris, Shingen returned to Tokyo in 1993 to open his own hair salon -- Shingen Japon -- and continue on his quest to discover and explore the essence of female beauty.

  • Stylist
  • IZUMI joined our hair salon in 1996 and was promoted to a stylist position in 1999. Her easy-going personality and approachable style are her strongest suits.

  • Stylist
  • Alexandre began his career as a colorist at Harlow and then moved to become a hair stylist. He worked at Carita Paris, and then was a manager at Dessange. His next move was New York, where he worked for eight years before coming to Japan to train at the Fleurimon make-up school. Alexandre is also an accomplished photographer, specializing in fashion and bridal shots.

  • 1F: SHINGEN JAPON (Hair Salon)
  • - Haircut -- Women 7,350yen, Men 6,300yen
    - Perm (cut included) -- From 16,800yen
    - Color treatment (cut included) -- From16,800yen
    - Henna treatment (cut included) -- From 16,800yen
    - Straightening perm (cut included) -- From 16,800yen
    - Total straightening for curly hair (cut included) -- From 31,500yen
  • 2F: Nanea (Relaxation Space | Massage)
  • Nanea is our second floor massage and relaxation space where the following services are available.

    - Lomi-lomi full body massage (120 minutes) -- 13,650yen
    - Lomi-lomi back massage (50 minutes) -- 6,825yen
    - Full body aroma massage (100 minutes) -- 12,600yen
    - Foot massage (60 minutes) -- 6,300yen
    - Lymphatic massage (30 minutes) -- 4,725yen
    - Esthetic facelift by Cathy (60 minutes; appointment required) -- From 8,400yen
    - Thai massage by Hayashi (60 minutes; appointment required) -- From 6,300yen

  • Therapist
  • Upon receiving their training from Aunt Margaret in Hawaii, Kawana-san and Nagashima-san offer Lomi-lomi massages, reflexology, aroma-massages and herbal counselling. They work in conjuction with our salon.

  • Therapist
  • Cathy started her reiki training in 1993 and is a certified reiki master. In addition, she is also a trained EMF balancing technique practicioner and a resident of Japan since 1999. Her other specialties include Belavi facelift massages.

  • Therapist
  • Hyashi-san, who can also be found at the Oote esthetic salon, offers facials, aromatherapy, reflexology, eye-brow perms and others.

  • Feel free to contact us to make an appointment, request more information or send feedback.

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5 Reviews for Shingen Japon

  • Shingen Japon
  • (2013-12-26)
  • To whom it may concern, I called and made an appointment requesting Alexandre , when I showed-up the owner told me that Alexandre left without notice and without leaving any phone number. The owner told me that he could do my hair and I let him cut my hair. The owner didn't cut my hair well at all. I am not happy about it.

  • Warmly recommended!!!
  • (2012-08-14)
  • It's rare to find a good hair stylist that you can really trust. Once I've met Alexandre, and let him color and cut my hair I felt that I've found the one that I could trust. I was happy with the results and felt comfortable than ever. Warmly recommended.

  • My hair like back home
  • (2012-05-02)
  • Finally ! I was so pleased to have my hair done with Alexandre , he spent the time for a real consultation got me a nicer hairstyle without cutting a lot of my length and also gave me some new idea for my hair when I will be ready for a change. He colored my hair with some shiny highlights like back home ! I am so pleased now with my haircolor because I have been to few places in Tokyo an... Read More

  • Excellent.
  • (2012-02-13)
  • I came here to have my hair done properly after he mistake of a QB cut wen my hair got too shaggy. I was served by Shingen himself, who was superb throughout - naturally kind, responsive, and not overtly talkative. Took his time and did my hair right. I was a bit worried by his profile photo here - I thought he'd be aloof and a bit rude like Watanabe-san at Watanabe, and the guy who runs Dude.... Read More

  • Shingen Japon
  • (2009-08-13)
  • The humid Tokyo summer certainly makes my hair unmanagble so I decided to do some research and ended up going here. The phone was answered in Japanese but after asking for English, it was transfered to Shingen who speaks passable English. They fit me right in the first day so I headed on over. First of all, its much smaller than the picture might lead you to believe. That is a mirror halfwa... Read More

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