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Shinya Hair Salons / Daikanyama

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Categories Hair Salons
Nearest Station Daikanyama
Address 17-3 201 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5428-2723
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1 Review for Shinya

  • Shinya
  • (2007-09-30)
  • I have coarse, curly hair. The kind of coarse, curly hair that makes beauticians in the United States cry in frustration. I tend to avoid stylists that I don't know period, but sometimes, one runs into desperate times. Since I only wanted a trim, I thought it would be safe to go to a stylist here in Tokyo. Luckily, this didn't turn into a case of famous last words. The receptionist at Shinya speak... Read More
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