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Sin Den was established in 1994 and quickly gained a reputation for being a bilingual hair salon. Foreign models and top stylists often drop by to use their services while in Japan. The second floor has been transformed into a snug nail salon that offers manicures and pedicures while you wait.

Categories Hair Salons , Nail salons
Nearest Station Omote-sando
Address 3-9-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3405-4409
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours Mon-Sun: 10:00am-8:00pm
Price Admission: Cut from 6,500yen (stylist) to 8,000yen (director)
Credit Cards Yes

11 Reviews for Sin Den

  • Sin den, the right place
  • (2015-02-22)
  • Hair style is very important for the person. I was afraid to go to salon in foreign city. Would the stylist know how to do with my curly hair and it's kinda damage. Would I be able to communicate well. But no worries at all. I came to the right place. Ms. Takako, very kind talented stylist ever. After cutting, I was really happy and satisfied. On the way back, I feel so fresh & confidence. I love ... Read More

  • Really great place!
  • (2013-02-23)
  • I went to this salon recently, with the usual fears of a foreigner in Tokyo. Would I be understood? Would the stylist know about coloring foreign hair? And would I have to wait forever to get a cut? No problems at all, I am happy to report. I got a great consultation, with no language problem, and a cut that looks natural and feels great. The color, too, is exactly what I described I wanted,... Read More

  • Sin Den
  • (2012-06-28)
  • I think that if you are looking for a western type salon, this is a great place! I have never received bad treatment here.

tokyo lady
  • Sin Den
  • (2012-03-24)
  • Like one of the other posters, I have had 'ups/downs' with this hair salon over the past decade. Good customer service is the most important thing for me so once again, I am going elsewhere. The owner is very nice although I think there is a language barrier when speaking English for him. Also, they need to be careful when speaking about their customer from other areas of the salon, voices real... Read More

  • Sin Den
  • (2012-03-19)
  • Great place. Like mentioned by someone else here, the price at Sin Den is higher than most Japanese salons I've been too, but I still prefer Sin Den.

  • consistently better than the rest
  • (2011-06-11)
  • After living in Tokyo for 15+ years I can honestly say I have had my ups and downs at Sin Den. Nevertheless, every time I have gone to "another" salon, I have always found myself coming back in the end. They may be a little more expensive than other Tokyo salons, but I have found the quality and service to worth the time and effort. Plus they are certainly not so expensive compared to what I used ... Read More

  • Sin Den
  • (2011-05-29)
  • I went to Sin Den because it came so highly recommended. I was completely underwhelmed. Perhaps I'm used to the service one gets in even chopshop Japanese salons, but being made to sit holding my bag and wet umbrella, ignored until they wanted me to fill out a survey, was really annoying. My stylist was late, but no apologies were forthcoming. I was offered the survey again, after filling it out ... Read More

  • Buyer Beware!
  • (2011-04-22)
  • After having my hair cut successfully for over a year at Sin Den, I decided to freshen up some highlights from the previous summer. I walked out of the salon looking like a bottle of peroxide was dumped on the top of my head and had run down the rest of my hair. I was previously medium to dark brown. I ended up with ORANGE hair, a halo so to speak as the crown was more saturated than the rest of t... Read More

  • Sin Den
  • (2010-12-23)
  • I phoned ahead and was able to see someone same-day. The stylist understood my background, lifestyle. Hair looked great. Not precisely what I had in mind, but I guess I didn't communicate well enough.

tokyo lady
  • Sin Den
  • (2010-10-19)
  • I give this a score of 3 because they do hire good stylists who are either non-Japanese themselves or Japanese stylists who are comfortable with coloring and styling non-Japanese hair. However, I found management to be unprofessional and unkind.

  • great cut
  • (2010-08-09)
  • It cost about the same as what I used to pay in NYC. The stylist, an Italian named Roberto, was excellent. I'll be back.

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