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  • Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2019-07-12)
  • I undergone two rhinoplasty surgeries at the Akai medical clinic. Both were not succesfull in terms of aesthetical effect that was agreed for.
    First surgery which suppossed to remove hump and lift the tip was underdelievered. Hump remained, in addition nostril became more assymetric and columella protruding. I paid more than half million yens for that service.

    The surgeon refused that his nosejob was of a low quality. Therefore I asked what could be done to fix these visible imperfections such as protruding columella (it became that mich protruding after the surgery), hump and assimetric nostrils. He proposed to undergo another surgery for the full cost of the same amount.

    I opted for minor tip surgery to make nostrils symmetric and reduce protruding columella. We agreed about the tip nosejob and the second surgery.

    The second surgery was under the local anaesthesia. Yet beyond our agreement surgeon started to make cartilage grafting, probably realizing that my complain about the hump was fair. Without informing me about the intent to graft the cartilage, he did it to me under the local anaesthesua. I laid still sweating and afraid to say anything because was thinking that then he may underdeliever the nosejob again. That was very stressfull to feel as your cartilage is grafted. With regards to the tip. The issues of assymetry and columella remained JUST AS BEFORE. Nothing changed. This surgery costed beyond two hundred thousand yens. I consulted to other surgeon who actually admitted that there is a hump, assymetric nostrils and protruding columella. If before surgery at the Akai ckinic I had only hump issue, after two surgeries there I got new imperfections.

    On my complain surgeon oferred to undergo the third surgery with taking out the cartilage from my ear to implant it at nose tip at the very high price. I undergwent two surgeries. I wonder why it was not informed in the beginnig or atleast before the second surgery that implantation of cartilage is necessary. I have got expression that the surgeon is simply trying to make customers to take more and more surgeries.In total I spent around 7 USD and got very low quality aesthetic effect from plastic surgery at the akai medical ckinic.

    With regards to communication and customer service. The ladies at the reception are polite and helpful, but they decide nothing. Decision and all details remains up to the surgeon's discretion. However, most of the times doctor did not reply for emails as well as he was not available at the phone call.
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  • Dr Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2016-04-09)
  • Hello,
    This is by no way a review of this clinic. I am looking into clinics that I can go to in Japan Tokyo, and was hoping anyone who has recently visited this clinic could message me via SunnyPages as I would love to speak to people about their experience. I hope people can help. Thanks in advance.
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  • Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2014-12-06)
  • I created an account on here specifically to write review of this place. I had a septo-rhinoplasty along with Alarplasty done here and I am about 1 week post op and I am very happy with the results so far. The doctor and all his staff were AMAZING and treated me so wonderfully and took care of any concerns I had right away. The place itself is very very clean and The doctor speaks great english.
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  • Incredibly Happy with Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2014-09-04)
  • After reading these reviews I was very skeptical about Akai Medical Clinic, however I decided that the right choice was to book an appointment and make a judgement call for myself. I am very glad that I did as for me Akai were amazing.

    I have an understanding of Japanese which helps as apart from Dr Akai not many of the nurses speak english, however the nurses I found to be lovely, very friendly and caring. I had a large procedure done with Dr Akai. I asked about all costs before hand and was clear to ask about costs after so I had no problems here. I never felt pushed with money, they were very considerate and polite about this. Yes, they aren't cheap, but I was happy to pay that amount based on the level of professionalism, experience and past results. The Dr acts in a very professional Japanese manner. I found him attentive, very informed and incredibly professional.

    I found the Clinic as a whole to be very professional, they went above and beyond to make sure I was cared for, even having a nurse take me home to ensure I was settled and calling every day for the first week to check in on me. I have had many post op check ups to check progress, they make sure to keep an eye on you and provide very good information to achieve the results you desire.

    All in all I would say that the experience was one I was very pleased with, every person is different in what kind of experience they like. It is a very personal decision so I would recommend before making a judgement call to visit a few clinics and see which suits you best. I know for me I made the right decision with Akai.
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  • Arrogant and Unprofessional
  • (2013-11-24)
  • Same experienced as everyone else wrote below my comment. Only concerned with money not the goal of the clinic to have a customer satisfaction.

    Arrogant and unprofessional, the front desk staff can't barely speak English noted that they're advertised in Metropolis, and I noticed they even talked about me at the same time laugh the staff and doctor, I know I look so ugly with pimples all over my face but c'mon that's already understood why i came in your clinic at the first place(They think i can't understand Japanese and made me feel uncomfortable).

    I have a mild to severe pimple problem, inflammation and very dry skin. He recommended me to have a chemical peel, Iclear(Light treatment) and worst decision for me, laser shots(500Yen/shot) for my pimples, it is understood that you only treat the large pimples but he even treated the small ones and the healed ones too so the amount will go up I think, the end result is a quite visible scars that I don't have before.

    Please try to avoid this clinic the profile of this clinic as a whole maybe enticing but very unprofessional indeed. Waste of money and effort to go their clinic and be treated.

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  • Avoid.
  • (2013-05-07)
  • This Doctor is arrogant even by Doctors standards.

    I had a Botox treatment before the Golden week break.
    We negotiated a price for two areas - so I thought.

    I returned today for an 11am follow up as is routine with this treatment.

    The Doctor waltzs in - in a tracksuit - after 11:15am only to apologize to me and inform/complain to the receptionist that the light by the lift isn't on in the same breath.

    5 minutes later I was seen and summarily arrogantly informed that what I understood to be our arrangement - the agreed on price - wasn't as I understood it to be. When I requested an additional injection in a treated area I wasn't satisfied with I was abruptly told it wasn't in my best interest - granted this is possibly true.

    The follow up consultation was all of one minute before he mid conversation stood up as to suggest my time was up.

    Arrogant, self serving, abrupt, unprofessionally late - never mind breaking an agreement in my opinion.

    Steer clear.
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  • Greedy at Omotesando
  • (2012-12-16)
  • I wish I read these reviews before paying a crazy amount of money for an ultimately unsuccessful procedure. Dr Akai's only benefits are location, charisma and language skill, but what upset me the most is his (and his staff's) unapologetic, cold, standoffish and incredibly greedy attitude - he insisted on charging a full rate for a visit when all he has done is not deny that the procedure was very painful, uncomfortable and unsuccessful. Strongly NOT recommend.
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  • Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2011-02-20)
  • I also do not recommend this clinic.
    I went for a hair laser removal trial, I did it in my country so I could compare and I was very surprised by the way its been done.

    First of all they would shave me all over again (just did it before I came!) and charge me without telling me beforehand.
    After the doctor consultation (he's fluent in english but rather cold and it seemed I bothered him with my questions...) one of the staff started the laser.
    The doctor was not the one doing the laser and when asking the staff, she told me she was a "baito"!! So no competency at all!
    I asked her to call the doctor, apparently he was already gone he would not show up afterwards.

    When paying, they charded me and extra fee for the "doctor consultation" and shaving, then refused to give me the casher receipt for this extra charge.

    Since then I have been going to a different clinic, also with english speaking staff and I am very happy with them. When asked other friends they told me they had similar bad impression about this clinic (high fees, extra charge, cold staff...). This clinic ad is all over Metropolis and other publication, but DO NOT GO THERE!!!
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  • Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2010-03-04)
  • Went to have laser hair for my bikini area but the male staff try to do it, so canceled. One of my friends also had consultation for tattoo removal, and the doctor charged a lot more after the treatment than he told ahead.
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  • Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2010-02-25)
  • When I asked for Botox, the doctor said only 30,000 yen at the consultation room, but in the exam table, he said you have more wrinkles on my forhead and changed the price to 50,000. It is nor fair. I dont recommend this clinic to anybody.
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tokyo lady

  • Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2009-04-10)
  • Professional, personable, with clean facilities and most importantly, competent staff. The best in Tokyo but of course, the most expensive. However, when it comes to health, only the best will do.
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  • My go to doctor for the past 10 years
  • (2014-06-10)
  • If you want a cheap clinic to go to then this clinic is NOT for you. If you want a clean, contemporary, helpful, and professional surgeon then be prepared to open up your wallet. Why would you try to save money when it comes to making yourself look better? Why bother? As I mentioned, Dr. Akai is THE BEST IN TOKYO. If anyone wants to email me, feel free to do so on Sunny Pages.


  • Akai Medical Clinic
  • (2008-11-17)
  • I visited the Akai clinic to ask the doctor a few questions and to get him to take a look at my skin. He was knowledgeable after the appointment was finished, he showed me samples of some of the implants that he had in his office. It was both very helpful (skin got better) and educational.

    Dr Akai speaks English clearly, and his facilities are clean, contemporary and warm.
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